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Top 6 Easiest Classes at Syracuse to Breeze Through a Degree

Go to “college,” they say. Get an “education,” they command. “Fine,” you say. So, here you are, paying $60,000 a year to stop your parents’ nagging. Lucky for you, The Black Sheep has compiled a list of the easiest classes at Syracuse that’ll help you burn through these four years without having to expend too much energy.

6.) AEE 471: Aerospace Engineering, Design/Analysis of Aerospace Structure:
Roll out of bed at 2:50 p.m. for your 3 p.m. on Wednesday after a wild Tuesday night at DJ’s, and cruise into this cozy little laboratory. The six hours a week you spend with your rocket science-loving classmates will practically fly by! You’ll really get to know each other under the lab room’s fluorescent lights, but a warning: that comfy, cement, backless stool may start to feel like a couch in your family room after the fourth hour of the week!

5.) EAR 429: Earth Sciences, Topics in Paleobiology:
As an aspiring puppeteer, you probably won’t have another opportunity to learn about fossils, so register for this course while you’ve still got some freedom in your life! The class description humbly mentions topics such as macroevolution, evolutionary paleoecology, extinctions and radiations, and stratigraphic paleontology, but it doesn’t even mention the 100-page chapters that practically jump out of the textbook! You’ll wonder how the book can stay still with so much excitement inside of it! PLUS, learning about fossils without having to pick up a shovel? YES PLEASE.

4.) ECN 365: Economics, the World Economy:
Have you ever eaten six saltines in under a minute? That’s kind of how this class feels: too much of a good thing! Now, you might be thinking, “The entire world’s economy? I thought this was supposed to be an easy class!” To that, think of this: have you even considered how many parallel universes’ economies you won’t have to learn about? You’re getting off easy compared to those Ivy League suckers!

3.) ITA 442: Italian, Italian Novel Under Fascism:
This is a total “Say no more” moment! Imagine cozying up with a 600-page translated Italian novel lined with fascist undertones all semester long! There’s nothing like a little Mussolini to keep the blood pumping on a cold Syracuse day. Plus, the course is taught entirely in Italian, so you won’t even have to pretend to listen!

2.) KOR 300: Korean, Selected Topics:
You’re probably thinking, “Selected topics in Korean? I don’t even know the Korean alphabet!” Well, here’s what everyone says: if you don’t speak the language, how can they expect anything out of you during the semester? Think about it.

1.) PSY 492: Psychology, Research in Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology:
Whoever thought learning about the brain was a necessary topic clearly didn’t have a brain himself! All of the answers are literally in your head! Say goodbye to $300 textbooks and to the quiet floor of the library. You’ll be hanging in the Bird basement all semester long!

Foolproof. Take these and you’re bound to breeze through your next semester. 

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