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5 Things That Will Inevitably Happen When The Sun Comes Out in Syracuse

What is that big yellow disk in the sky? No. It couldn’t be… the sun? After five straight months of absolutely no sunshine, that beautiful yellow asshole is peaking his head out of the clouds. Due to this momentous occasion, here are the 5 things that are bound when the sun comes out in Syracuse and it isn’t blizzarding.

5.) Darties:
Forget that economics quiz you have, and hop on over to one of the many frat darties that are bound to be happening. That’s right—you too can party with the brothers of Beta Rho Omega at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday and it’s going to be lit. Now that the sun is out, school doesn’t matter. Put on your ugliest pinnie, grab a hot beer, and enjoy the warm sun on your pasty, oily skin.

4.) People sitting in mud on the quad:
This hasn’t happened since the first two weeks of school. The snow has finally melted and there are people splayed out all over, some are tanning, some are pretending to do homework even though there is no way they can see their laptop screen, and some are even throwing Frisbees. Most are sitting in a wet pile of mud and pretending like it’s OK. Finally the students of SU can sit outside for more than five minutes without getting frostbite. Don’t take that opportunity for granted.

3.) No jackets allowed:
It’s still only 40 degrees out, but if the sun is shining, then all jackets are off. As per super secret SU tradition, there will be a ceremonial burning of all the Canada Goose jackets on the quad to commemorate the changing of the seasons. It is truly a beautiful sight to see.

2.) There’s no water in those water bottles:
You may think that everyone is just really dedicated to keeping themselves hydrated in this newfound warmth. But, those bottles are really filled with tequila because the only thing to do when the sun is shining is get fucked up. Everyone knows that.

1.) People are actually smiling?:
Yes, that’s right—people are actually smiling while walking on campus! Usually the sky is gray, snowflakes are falling, and everyone has the world’s biggest resting bitch face. Now, the birds are singing, the sorority girls are holding their iced coffees, and Otto is somewhere in the distance trying to ruin a flag football game on the quad. All is right when the students of Syracuse University don’t look like they want to die from the cold.

Soak up all the Syracuse sun you can because it just may snow again tomorrow!


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