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Jim Boeheim Shoots Tournament Committee Late Night ‘You Up?” Text

After what had been a rough few weeks for the Syracuse Basketball squad, Jim Boeheim needed to let the tournament committee know that he still cares about them.


Caught up in the celebration after Syracuse defeated #6 Florida State at home, Boeheim stumbled back to his off-campus housing around 9:32 p.m., well past his normal recharge period. Feeling good after the game and a day of partying at Castle Court, Boeheim picked up his Nokia 8210 and sent out a text to certain someone he hits up occasionally once cuffing season has ended – the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament Selection Committee.


Boeheim punched the keys on his 41-year-old phone, asking his late-night chat if they were still awake on this fine Saturday evening. He continued by attaching a risque file, as seen below.




The win at Florida State put everyone on campus in a great mood, especially coach Boeheim. But the Selection Committee’s reply shot him back down to earth real quick, as seen below.



Looks like Boeheim’s hunt for a late night selection will continue, as Syracuse faces off with North Carolina State on Wednesday, February 1st.

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