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Ringo Starr Seen Scalping Tickets Ahead of Paul McCartney Concert

On Friday, a day before legendary rock artist Paul McCartney is set to play a solo show in the Carrier Dome, sources said that former Beatles bandmate, Ringo Starr, was attempting to scalp two tickets to Saturday’s show.

“Two tickets, anyone got two!” Starr was heard saying to students walking to class on Syracuse’s campus on Friday afternoon. “Anyone got two, two tickets! Two, two tickets to see Paul! The man behind the Beatles! Two tickets, anyone, anyone, two tickets!”

Starr, a former Beatle drummer of the 20th century’s most recognizable band, said he hitchhiked from Oswego late Thursday night and slept in a motel off Onondaga Street until he woke up around noon on Friday.

“To tell you the truth, I had no idea Paul was even in town,” Starr said. “Woke up, saw some posters about the concert, said, ‘Hey, that’s my old mate, Paul,’ and started asking around for any tickets. Haven’t gotten any nibbles yet, though.”

Some Syracuse students who saw Starr in the afternoon said that they avoided him with caution, including Catie Turner, a Syracuse sophomore, who was walking to her last class when Starr approached her.

“[Starr] kept asking me for ‘two,’ and I asked him, ‘Two of what?’” Turner said. “At that point, he grumbled a little and went on yelling, ‘Two! Anyone got two?’”

Starr, who said he’s planning on seeing the McCartney concerts with “a guy who shacks me up at his house every now and then,” said if he can’t get tickets, he’ll “see what everyone’s up to at Tap’s.”


Any friend of George’s is a friend of ours! 

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