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Syracuse University Dorms, Ranked

A good dorm room can make or break your first 2 years at Syracuse University. You could either end up having to walk two miles in snow and negative temperatures for your 8a.m. or you could be able to wake up ten minutes before class and be on time for class, even though you don’t show up. The dorms at Syracuse vary in size, style, and distance from campus. A lot of them are fun and worth it to live in, while the rest suck real bad. Here is a ranking of all the dorm buildings in Syracuse University.


12.) Washington Arms:

You’re wondering what a Washington Arms is, and that’s perfectly fine. Washington Arms is the Cleveland of dorms; nobody has ever ended up there by choice. It’s far away from campus and down a hill, which is great when it’s icy. Freshmen don’t get assigned here, but low lottery numbers usually get to decide between here and South Campus, and the choice should be a no-brainer.


11.) BBB:

If you enjoy long walks in the projects with a 70% probability of getting mugged, BBB is the place for you. Ignore the security out front at night and it is a nice-looking dorm building, with a short walk to the liquor store that goes straight through the projects, and is also a long walk to anything else. If there’s any pro, it’s that you get great exercise walking everywhere, but you can’t walk too well after being stabbed by the locals.


10.) Walnut Hall:

Walnut Hall may or may not be haunted.  Not only that but you get woken up at 8a.m. every day with the frats blasting music. While the location is great the rooms are garbage and old. The only plus side of living in Walnut is looking out your window at 10a.m. Friday-Sunday to see which sorority has the most girls doing the walk of shame. It’s usually Tri Delt.


9.) Day Hall:

Day hall is more diverse than a United Nations conference. They usually house the majority of international students and other general weird kids who you wouldn’t want to have to room with. And with the Mount Stairs you may literally never leave in the winter. But speaking of Mount Stairs…


8.) Flint Hall:

If you want the perfect calves and ass this school year, request to live in Flint or Day. The mount stairs are no joke and singlehandedly taking care of your freshman 15. Also, good luck convincing the girl you met at DJ’s to walk up to your room in Flint, just pray you have hot floor neighbors, or you’re going celibate, friend.


7.) Oren Lyons:

Euclid is the place to be at midnight on a weekend, but at 4a.m. when you have a paper due in 5 hours you do not want to be at Euclid listening to the nightly ambulance bringing the drunks for a good old-fashioned stomach pumping. The rooms may be big, but the walk to class is big as well, and sleeping in isn’t an option when living in Oren Lyons.



6.) Haven Hall:

Haven Hall is shaped like a toilet and it still isn’t the shit. The elevators take about 6 hours and climbing Haven Hill is basically like trying to climb Everest. The slightest layer of ice means a broken tailbone and a quick slide down to DTD.


5.) Lawrinson:

This is where the dorms start becoming nice. Lawrinson is a great dorm with amazing views. At 20 floors, you can see the entire campus and even watch the ESF hippies making tie dye shirts while smoking weed. The best part is the 20 flights of stairs you get to climb in your underwear during the countless 2a.m. fire alarms.


4.) Marion:

Don’t let this small dorm building confuse you, it’s the perfect balance between fun and functional. You take a left out of the door and you are immediately at Kimmel Food Court getting the best drunk food Cuse can offer, and if you take a right you’re right at Bird Library cramming an entire semester of reading in so you maybe don’t fail the final tomorrow.


3.) Booth Hall:

Booth Hall rooms are great; they’re huge and you have plenty of places nearby to go. You also get a parking garage, which is great for the lucky few who have cars and don’t want to be shoveling snow off their cars for 5 months straight. You also get a nice view of the muggings in Thorndon Park, which is worth the price of tuition.


2.) Shaw Hall:

If this were a list of underrated dining halls, Shaw would get the top nod. You get all the action of Euclid and the action of Comstock. You don’t even have to go outside to get food which comes in very handy in the wonderful Syracuse winters. Get your alcohol tolerances in check because you’re going to need to learn how to drink like Frank Gallagher to handle Shaw.


1.) Ernie Davis Hall:

You aren’t going to beat Ernie Davis, there’s a reason they put prospective students on a  tour of Ernie so they see the best dorm on campus. You get the best dining hall on campus and easy access to just about everything. The only problem with living in Ernie is leaving at the end of the year, just hope your roommate is normal this year…

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