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5 Shitty Facts About North Carolina to Fuel Your Hatred For Duke

The moment you weren’t at all prepared for—Syracuse is about to play (and defeat) Duke! In case you’re not hyped enough yet, The Black Sheep has compiled a list of lame-ass facts about North Carolina to fuel your hatred for Duke and the state it resides in.

5.) North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the nation:
No one ACTUALLY likes sweet potatoes, they’re just presumed to be healthier so people stuff them in their mouths as a substitute for the ever delicious white potato. Down with sweet potatoes and down with North Carolina for trying to grow potatoes with more “nutrients”! BLECH!

4.) North Carolina leads the nation in tobacco production:
That’s right, ladies and gentleman—North Carolina is trying to kill you. If cancer wasn’t a good enough reason to stop smoking than the fact that North Carolina produces the tobacco should be.

3.) The Venus flytrap is native to North Carolina:
If you don’t know what a Venus flytrap is, you should go ask your ESF friend for a quick a lesson. If you have no ESF friends (because really who does), then you should go watch the movie Little Shop of Horrors, during which you will realize again that North Carolina is definitely trying to kill you.



2.) Pepsi was invented in North Carolina:
Yup, arguably the worst soda was created in North Carolina. One might even say that it is their fault this campus is a “pepsi” campus. They made you suffer through dining hall meals without a refreshing coke to wash it all down. Does it make you angry? It sure should.

1.) Their official state beverage is milk
Can you get any lamer than milk? Who even drinks a plain glass of milk? Sociopaths, that’s who. Syracuse University is now a milk free campus due to an overwhelming amount of students being lactose INTOLERANT TO DUKE’s BULLSHIT.

There you have it folks! North Carolina is the lamest state in the USA. Now get ready to destroy that Ivy-League wannabe!!!!

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