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Top 10 Performers We Want At Mayfest

Mayfest is a Syracuse tradition that involves getting the day off of classes to binge drink. It is the fourth leading cause of death in Syracuse behind freezing to death in the snow, climbing the mount stairs, and holding your breath waiting for another basketball National Championship. The night ends the Block Party Concert in the Dome, and with the lineup not announced yet here are the top 10 performers Syracuse students want to see headline the concert.


10.) Chance the Rapper:

Chance is the happiest person in the World. Lil Chano from 79th would be a good choice to come back this year after performing last year before the Chainsmokers. Coloring Book and Acid Rap are two albums that most rap fans can listen to over and over again. Could we be getting Chance round two this year?


9.) Young Thug:

No party is complete without a couple of Young Thug songs. Although you may not be able to understand what he says, you still love his music. Just grab some lean and head to the Dome after your day of drinking to listen to some Thugger.


8.) Migos

If you haven’t heard “Bad and Boujee” seven million times by now, you’re either deaf, haven’t turned on the radio, or Amish. Add in some “T-Shirt” and “Slippery,” and Migos will keep all the drunks rocking all night.


7.) The Weeknd:

The Weeknd is a hit machine, and if you say you don’t like his music you’re simply lying. “Starboy,” “Party Monster,” and “Can’t feel My Face” are all songs that you know the words to. He’s easily the second-best choice of Canadian singers to perform at Mayfest.


6.) Ed Sheeran:

Don’t be that tough guy who tries to say they don’t like Ed Sheeran, everybody loves Ed Sheeran. “Shape of You” is a certified banger and nobody can deny that Ed Sheeran wouldn’t tear the house down if he headlined.


5.) Rihanna:

If sex was a person, it would be Rihanna. RI-RI would bring the heat to Mayfest and leave even the hardest frat star sweaty and out of breath. Chains and whips are the only thing that excites students more than the thought of Rihanna coming to Mayfest.


4.) Future:

Everybody besides Russell Wilson loves Future, and he would make each and every one want to do quite literally all of the drugs. So, let’s all live our best “Low Life” and get Future to Mayfest.


3.) Kendrick Lamar:

April 7th. The expected date of a new Kendrick album. The best rapper under 5’6” would make this Mayfest one for history. You’d almost want to be sober to appreciate a Kendrick concert live and in person, but it’s Mayfest and there’s no chance you’re not 14 beers deep at this point.


2.) Travis Scott:

Speaking of drugs, Travis Scott would be a great addition to our day drink. According to some sketchy sources Travis Scott could actually be coming to Mayfest this year. With his tour date scheduled in NYC the day after Mayfest the timing lines up as well.


1.) Drake:

Canada’s best export would make Mayfest one to remember. You’ll go from crying about your ex to turning up with each passing song. Even with a newfound love for immigrant paranoia, Drake is easily the number one choice for this year’s Mayfest


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