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We Asked You: What Is Schine Dining Being Replaced With?!

Many are left speculating what is going to be left of Schine when the alleged renovations come. There is no clear answer, besides the fact that Tomato Wheel has come into our lives only to be quickly whisked away. As is true in all Syracuse University renovations, students are left wondering, “What the hell is going on?” The Black Sheep asked a few Syracuse students about what they heard was entering Schine.

I heard it’s being replaced with the first Limited Too since 2004! – Jon, first-year but actually a third-year in credits

Elon Musk’s sarcophagus is coming here! I hear it has an ancient curse. – Molly, part-time hula hooper 

There’s another Kinney Drugs coming in. The students love it! Where else can you get both a lovely trail mix as well as acetaminophen? All in one bottle! – Brendan, unemployed but “thriving” 

I heard it is definitely a new Michael Kors outlet. Those handbags are so freaking cute! – Sam, training to hold world record for rollerblading/smoking a carton of cigs for 24-straight hours

It’s absolutely a Sbarro. They wanted to get someone with some real good pizza in there. – Local Fish, obviously never eaten pizza before

I sure hope it’s another gym with no air conditioning and an additional pile of rusting weights! – Jessie, aspiring optimist 

We are left with truly less of a clue as to what will be replacing the Schine we know and love! At this point it could literally be anything. The only thing you can do is eagerly await the influx of emails from our sweet, sweet, Pete Sala.

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