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Whitman Students Fighting for Equality on Syracuse Campus

Many students in the Whitman School of Management feel as though they are not given the proper amount of respect they deserve. Junior finance major Tyler Harkin just moved to the Whitman School after transferring from Amherst.


“I got a lot more respect over at Amherst. Nobody questioned my work ethic or class schedule or anything, but here it’s different. I have bio and architecture majors snickering and making fun of me when I do just as much work as them.”


When asked about how he handles the stress of everyday life at Whitman he responded with, “Adderall and naps, man!”


Pat Smith, an architecture major, noted the following about the business students’ workload:


“A typical Whitman student is that one kid who partied all week while procrastinating on a project that takes an hour.” Smith continued, “After they finish the assignment they proceed to complain to someone in a real major who has been awake the past 72 hours trying to finish five assignments.”


Smith continued his rantings with “[Whitman Student] probably thinks Tomi Lahren is a neutral unbiased reporter,” and “Probably thinks they’re hilarious when they call the girls in a slut walk, sluts.”


Pat’s friend and bio major Marina Cortes added to his statement, describing a Whitman student as “A frat boy who wakes up at noon every day to get high and act obnoxious.”


Harkin disagrees, saying “I use my dad’s money to come here just like you do, we’re all here just killing time waiting for our trust funds to kick in, right?”


Sophomore accounting major Nikita Crests had this to say about the attitude regarding Whitman Students:


“Everybody says we’re lazy, that we don’t go to class, and party way too much.” Crests remarks, “But this is college, Whitman is ranked #23 in the country for business schools. So, while I’m here partying and going to class once a week, I’m also thinking about how in five years I’ll be the new Jordan Belfort and winning at life in general.”


Whitman students are thankful for all the support they receive in these trying times and hope that they can change the current stereotypes the campus has about them.


Harkin ended his interview by saying “Once my trust fund kicks in you all won’t be laughing anymore, and if you are, I’ll get my dad’s lawyers on you real quick.” He then sped away in his red 2012 Mazda Miata.


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