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5 Places to Nap on UT’s Campus in the Middle of the Day

There will come a time in every Vol’s life when school and work will get the best of them… and then they’ll be plagued with the overwhelming need to take a nap in the middle of the day. It happens to us all and if you try to object, we’re sorry, but you’re lying and everyone knows it. Naps are sometimes the only solace we have to a long and terrible day or the revival from a drunken weekend. Naps are friends – not foes, and The Black Sheep has the best places to nap on UT’s campus. We’ll say you’re welcome in advance.

5.) The UC (or Student Union, whatever):
The new UC has the comforting and clean aurora of an airport. There’s nice music to keep everyone de-stressed, food, benches, comfy chairs and foot rests; it’s the perfect hideaway. Just find yourself a nook in the back corner where not many people care to venture to and then pass out. You’ll be unheard and left alone for hours. Happy napping!

4.) The locker rooms at the TRECS:
The male and female locker rooms at the TRECS are utilized few and far between. They are kept in excellent condition; not once have we even seen a scrap of paper towel on the ground. Not many people use the facilities and there are a ton of benches to lie on and knock out for a little while. Hardly anyone would probably notice, since most people don’t even know the locker rooms are there. Put your stuff in a locker and let the sandman do his thing.

3.) The library:
Hodges Library provides a plethora of possible napping corridors. There are comfy chairs, tables, and benches galore; you pretty much just have to pick whatever catches your fancy. If you feel like sleeping in front of Starbucks, by all means sleep there. If you want to sprawl out on a table on one of the quiet floors, go for it. Maybe you’re a little bit shy. If that’s the case, get yourself access to one of those private study rooms, turn out the lights and sleep, sleep, sleep.

2) The steps in front of the AMB: 
These grassy steps are the perfect place to take a catnap in between lectures at the AMB. Heck, you can even work on your tan if the weather permits (but be prepared for it to change quickly, as it always does). People are constantly coming and going from these steps so no one even takes a second glance at you peacefully napping. Just get horizontal and use that big backpack as a pillow. Who needs a bed? Spoiled people, that’s who. Don’t be a brat and get to sleep. Try not to get stepped on!

1.) Any bench on campus: 
If you’re tired, you’re tired and if the day does not permit a chance to return home to your beautiful and inviting bed, pop a squat on one of UT’s many benches and nap away. Some people may point and laugh at your misfortune and take pictures (which will definitely end up on @VolBlackout). And you’ll get recorded on video more than an angry cop does these days. And if you’re a snorer, don’t fret because you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. Maybe even bring a pillow; benches aren’t the most comfortable. Especially most of the Cold War-era benches on this campus.

So when you’re sleep-deprived after than Adderall-fueled all-nighter, don’t sweat it. There’s always somewhere to snooze at UT.


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