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The Completely Honest UT Alma Mater Song

Besides Rocky Top, did you know that there’s another University of Tennessee song? Whoever wrote On a Hallowed Hill must have been smoking something because there is no way in hell that Hill is “hallowed.” So, The Black Sheep took the liberty of correcting it for honesty:

To sing along: 


On a Big, Annoying Hill

On that dreaded Hill in old Tenn-see

That beacon, an athlete’s fright

The ill-maintained walls of old UT

Crumble like a Dollar Tree kite

So, here’s to you old Tennessee,

Our Alma Mater true

We pledge in Benjamins and misery

Our tuition money to you

What icky torches kindled at that flame

Have passed from gross hand to hand

What hearts hardened in the name

Bind land to really strange land

O, ever as we sort of strive to rise

On life’s cynical, unresting stream

Dear Alma Mater, may our eyes

Be lifted to that dream (of beating Alabama)



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