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Fortnite vs. Fort Night: Players vs. Guys on the Strip

Anyone who follows a fraternity member on Snapchat, owns a computer, or otherwise has not buried their head in Hodges Library, knows about the increasingly popular survival game “Fortnite” that Eric and Tyler in your stats class won’t shut up about. Just like a night on the Strip and the Fort, it’s all about where you land. And whether you’re getting lit or yelling at your screen, you’re bound to come across some very distinct personality types.

5.) The pussy AKA the sober guy:
You ever meet that guy who bitches out after two drinks? Maybe you’re pregaming in the Fort and he says things like, “Should you really have another one?” Players like this one like to play it safe, running out the clock by hiding on the edge of the circle until everyone has been killed off. To be honest, he’s probably the only one at the party sober. He’ll eventually leave after not talking to anyone and just waiting on his friends in the corner. He’ll get the gist of the game…right?

4.) The scavenger AKA the creep:
Are you the guy who keeps hitting on uninterested girls? Congratulations! You suck at going out and at Fortnite! In the game, these people probably swoop in after your squad and collect all the stuff you left behind. In real life, they probably sit and wait for the hot girls to be picked off and go for the ones nobody’s talked to all night, knowing there will probably be something there.

3.) The dig in-ers AKA the guy who stays home:
By playing like this, you waste tons of resources by building a fort and being an architect in a shooting game. This probably isn’t the best strategy. In real life, you stay home and invite different girls you’ve met on Tinder to come and smoke with you and your bros on a Saturday night. Your skills probably don’t land the lavish sexual lifestyle you want, but fuck it; you’re your own person. Start shooting your shot, buddy– they’re just a swipe away.

2.) The raiders AKA the dream boyz:
These are probably the players/squads you don’t want to run into. They go around the circle, town to town, just to find teams to steal resources. In real life, they’re the ones who the girls fall for. Whether they have the voice, the height, or just a way with words, these guys go from girl to girl and weapon to weapon, never settling down.

1.) The idiots AKA…well, the drunken idiots:
These guys normally last five minutes in both the game and conversation. They land anywhere and just randomly run around until they find an arsenal of beer and start loudly hitting on anything that moves. Normally they get wrecked because every player at the party doesn’t enjoy them (including the host), but at least they’re having fun. Fuck strategy, right?

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