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5 Myths and Legends About the UT Tower

Shining for more than 80 years, the UT tower has lived a long, enigmatic life on campus. If you ask anyone, answers seem to fall flat on what exactly goes on in the tall 34 floors. This has prompted people to speculate over the years, here are the most popular myths and legends;

5.) Colt McCoy Lives on the 8th Floor:
As reported by the Daily Texan, apparently the football icon and most winningest quarterback in Longhorn history straight up lives on the 8th floor. Colt has been out of college since 2010, but decided he never wanted to leave. He opted out of the 2010 NFL Draft and decided to take 8 victory laps in the UT Tower dorms, appropriately priced $70,000 a semester – the normal UT housing costs.

4.) The basement was once a Target:
The original campus commercializer, the UT tower once boasted a Target in its basement, adjacent to the library. Of course, there were too many complaints that it was “distracting” and didn’t have everything else “normal Targets” have. Sounds a little familiar.

3.) Wes Anderson and his fantastic Mr. Fox operates the bells:
Ever wonder why the bell songs sound so cute and melodic? Well that’s because certified quirky filmmaker Wes Anderson and his beloved stop-motioned fantastic fox operate the bells. The bells only go off every hour because it takes a really long time for Anderson to move the fox into position to push the bells. Word on the street is that Fenves made this happen because he himself is quite the foxxy*.

*foxxy – a Fantastic Mr. Fox fan

2.) Jeb Bush’s first date ever was a tower tour:
One of UT’s most notable and cutest (baby-cute) alumni Jeb Bush allegedly went on his first date ever at the tower. The lucky lady is unnamed, but there are suspicions that it was Farrah Fawcett! Jeb and Farrah took a nice stroll around main building and ended their magical day with OG tower tour complete with awkward hand holding, corny jokes, and an unsuccessful kiss on both ends.

1.) The elevator operator is Willie Nelson – and he’ll sing for you, if you wake him up:
Peaking at number on the list, is the myth that Willie Nelson is the elevator operator. There have been multiple accounts of scraggly hippie hanging out at all times in the elevator. Many visitors push or shake him to make sure he is alive, and what usually happens is he’ll wake up, and start belting out some Willie Nelson classics. He is never out of tune and knows every single lyric to the classic album, “Always on My Mind.” This gets people wondering: does Willie Nelson work inside the tower?

At the end of the day, these are all just myths – but with the start of midterms we all need something to believe in.


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