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5 Ways to Make Studying at the PCL Not Suck So Hard

Final exams are underway at UT and every student is surviving on coffee and an occasional piece of gum. Many students have also taken up residence in the PCL, studying and writing papers, all while losing any happiness they once had. The building is notorious for making students cry and crack under pressure, but this exam season, it’s time to change that and make it your bitch. Here are 5 ways to make studying fun at the PCHell.

5.) Pretend you’re a survivor of the zombie apocalypse:
Anyone who’s been in in the PCL knows that it’s easily in the top 5 most depressing places in the world. The grey exterior, those flickering fluorescent light that no one bothers to change, and the shitty elevators definitely has a “zombie apocalypse survivors prison” vibe to it. Imagine that you’ve managed to survive and make it to the safe haven of the PCL. That’ll make you hate the entire building less and maybe you won’t be in a constant state of hostility while you’re in it.

4.) Every time you actually accomplish something, take a shot of water:
Let’s be real, the only part of college you’re great at is drinking more than you should, so incorporate your strengths into studying. It’s a fun little drinking game for the most pathetic of students and this will motivate you to actually do work while also staying hydrated. It’s not alcohol, but you can pretend. And you’ll probably be so sleep deprived you’ll feel like you’re getting drunk.

3.) Imagine you’re in a passionate love affair with someone near you:
Students spend hours in the PCL, so it’s not unusual to develop a kinship with the people who have been sitting around you. Maybe their presence is now the only constant in your life. That, combined with the highly stressful atmosphere of exam week, will make that bond feel stronger to you. Embrace these delusions. If you’re mind begins to wander and create fake scenarios, go with it. However, to make this an effective studying method, whatever you make up in your head needs to involve studying. Let’s say they’ve recently broken up with you because you don’t take school seriously. Tell yourself that this fake lover will only be with you if you effectively study for your finals, and then begin to try your best to win them back.

2.) Put all of your notes in meme format:
Maybe you’re overwhelmed because you don’t know a damn thing about what you’re studying, and you know it’s because you’ve been looking at memes all semester. Just like the alcohol, embrace your strengths. Get all your favorite memes and go crazy. Anything that shits on the PCL and is also informative of the topic gets a 10/10.

1.) Nerdy scavenger hunt:
You’ll need at least 5 friends for this one so if you haven’t spoken to anyone in your class the whole semester, you’re screwed. Have one person hide review answers throughout the building and split up into teams to find them. Since college students are expected be somewhat mature, you have to be extremely undercover in this game. That’s okay though, the danger factor will make you feel badass. This game is 100% guaranteed to not be helpful at all, but it’ll be fun, which is the point.

Hopefully, these 5 suggestions will keep you from slipping into depression at the PCL, even if you don’t actually learn anything. If they don’t, maybe you should just go outside.

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