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5 Ways to Pass the Time in Line on Sixth

It happens every week, you go out to have a good time and forget about the bleak state of your GPA and you spend a good chunk of the night waiting your turn to neglect your responsibilities. You end up spending most of the time boringly sober and sometimes alone with your thoughts, which is the exact opposite of what you wanted. While we can’t help you get into a bar any faster, here are 5 ways to pass the time when you’re in line on 6th Street.

5.) Pre-game super hard before you leave the house:
Sure, you go out to get drunk, but what’s stopping you from getting plastered before you walk out the door? Nothing. You might normally down a few shots just get a buzz going but take it one step further and leave your house ready to puke. Not only will you be too drunk to think about responsibilities like that essay due tomorrow but standing in line will feel like the most fun you’ve had all year.

4.) Use that time wisely:
Let’s say you’ve been dragged out by your friends because they think you need to take a break from your school work. While they’re chatting away in line, all you can think about is how you could almost be done with your homework if you’d just stayed home, and then you spend the night feeling guilty. No need! Make sure your iPhone is fully charged before you leave, and you can get your work done and still have fun, Google Docs is there for you. When your friends bug you about doing homework, distract them with an obligatory Sixth Street selfie to post so everyone knows how fun you guys are.

3.) Drinking game without the drinking:
Obviously, it won’t be nearly as fun, but it’ll pass the time, your main goal. You can find some weird people in this town, hence the slogan, and you’ll be guaranteed to see some strange things on Sixth. Keep score and when you finally have access to alcohol, drink away. But be careful, if you drink every time you see something weird you’ll need to get your stomach pumped.

2.) Call your mom:
You can kill two birds with one stone here. Not only are you being a good kid and making sure your mom knows you still love her, but you’re also making the time pass a little faster. Calling your mom will guarantee you at least 20 minutes of conversation, either because she’ll ask you tons of questions about your health and if you’re “being safe” or she’ll tell you about all the drama going on in your hometown. If you’ve already taken the advice of #5, then this isn’t the best idea

1.) Try making new friends:
Typically, being drunk brings people together. Whether you’re in line to get into a bar or in line for the bathroom, you can meet your new best friend if you try. Instead of avoiding eye contact with the drunk person who is quietly staring you down while they’re trying to keep themselves upright, go ahead and engage in conversation with them. If you’re also a little drunk, it’ll be effortless. The worst thing that could happen is one of you guys throws up on the other.

Hopefully one of these 5 things will make the time go by faster while you’re in line on Sixth Street. If you’re still bored after trying them, maybe going out isn’t for you.

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