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6 Reasons Austin is Better Than Whatever Home You Have

For most Longhorns, this week marks the return to home, AKA that place you largely ignored for the previous nine months. Now that you’ve returned, it can be weird readjusting to life with your parents. Coming home might seem cool at first, like reuniting with your dog and finding a pantry full of food. However, you still get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you were better off in Austin. Well, you were right. Here are six reasons Austin is better than wherever the heck you’re from. 

6.) You can’t roam the streets of Austin at your discretion anymore:
Back when school was in session, midnight excursions with friends were a nightly occurrence. Time revolved around you, and any spontaneous trip to Whataburger could be created right in the moment. Now, however, your parents make you explain in full detail your plans to leave the house at 8 p.m. just to grab a bagel.

5.) You can’t see most of your UT friends:
What makes college so appealing comes from the friendships and bonds created during your time in Austin. Spending hours on end together at Caffe Medici while cramming for an exam, getting APD called on y’all’s parties every weekend, and watching the football team lose every Saturday created lasting memories and made the college experience, and Austin in general, such a fun time. Now, all you’re left with is those kids from high school you haven’t really kept up with. Hopefully that one weird guy from your old squad isn’t in jail anymore so this summer doesn’t turn out to be a complete waste.

4.) Austin has much more to offer than the suburbs:

Most people on campus will say they’re from “Dallas,” “San Antonio,” or “Houston,” but that’s mostly lies so you don’t get asked “where’s Prosper?” 100 different times. As anyone who lives in the suburbs knows, life gets boring very quickly; these towns are built for rich people to breed, not entertainment. On the other hand, Austin features everything the mind could crave, from the wonders of day drinking on Sixth, to fun trips to Zilker or any of the city’s other wondrous parks. Spending three months in Prosper, Texas leaves maybe cow tipping or that run down Wingstop as the only pastimes your city have to offer.

3.) Your siblings are even worse than your college roommates:
The disregard your Austin roommates had for a clean and quiet, peaceful apartment was enough to drive you up a wall, but at least they would respect your boundaries and leave your stuff alone. Your siblings, meanwhile, leave the bathroom a mess, take the car when you need it, have no qualms about eating your food, and annoy the life out of you on a consistent basis. Only this time you can’t go to the leasing office and hope they can bail you out of this.


2.) You can avoid those awkward career conversations with family by staying in ATX:
Your extended family gets together from time to time to celebrate birthdays and graduations and all that good stuff. The free lunch may seem enticing, but it comes at a hefty price. Your aunts and uncles are going to clamor around you and ask very personal questions you will not want to answer, like how your job search is going or how you plan to spend your life after your own graduation. If you’re like most students, you have put absolutely no thought into these things, so it will be very awkward when you have to tell everyone you will maybe find an internship in six years.This didn’t happen when you were in college, so score one more point for Austin.

1.) Your parents force you leave the luxury of West Campus living behind:
Austin was great because home life consisted of all your roommates just playing chicken on who would clean the dishes and the apartment at large. As for meals, just whatever chips and vegetables you could scrap together usually sufficed for a meal. Now that you’re at home, your mom really gets on to your case about cleaning your room. Every. Day. And you can’t even rely on your parents to cook for you or do your laundry anymore, because they want you to be “responsible.”

It should become evident by your third day home that Austin is miles ahead of whatever dead-end town your parents live in. You have exchanged a carefree life of wanton laziness with a life of your parents micromanaging while pestering you to pursue a soul-crushing career. Look on the bright side though: only about 100 more days until you can come back to Austin!

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