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6 Things to Tell Yourself if You Failed Your Midterm

Midterms at UT are underway and while some students are still trapped in the PCL studying, others are getting their exam results back. It can be hard to bounce back from failing an exam, especially when you’re surrounded by people who love to brag about how smart they are, and it can take a huge hit to your self-esteem. If you’re one of the failures, here are 6 things you can tell yourself to get you through this difficult time.

6.) “Matthew McConaughey struggled too and look where he is now”:
Our resident famous person is one likable dude. He may seem perfect on the outside, but if you tell yourself he probably failed an exam or two at UT, you can make your failure a little less painful. If you liken yourself to the successful actor, maybe you’ll trick yourself into thinking you could eventually end up like Matthew McConaughey. If that doesn’t work, just make yourself laugh by imagining him telling you that things are going to be, “Alright, Alright, Alright.”

5.) “If the professor was better at their job, you would have passed”:
Maybe you didn’t go to class or study as much as you should have. Either way, if you don’t want to accept responsibility for your own failure, you can always project it onto your innocent TA or professor. When people ask you what you got on the exam, tell them your failing grade and immediately go off on a tangent about how the professor’s teaching style isn’t the best for you.

4.) “This class isn’t even necessary for your degree, it doesn’t matter if you suck at it”:
If you’ve failed an exam for a class you’re only taking because it’s a requirement, it’s easy to get over it. Take a nonchalant attitude about it and remind yourself that it doesn’t even matter in the long run because you don’t even need to remember the information. Sure, your GPA might take a hit, but just tell yourself the class is pointless and so is the grade.

3.) “Cs get degrees”:
The perfect motto of someone who has given up. Maybe you’re a veteran of failing exams and you’re always aiming for “good enough” when it comes to grades. Remind yourself that your GPA doesn’t matter if you’re not going to grad school and it won’t be on your diploma so everything is fine.

2.) “Remember, being a sugar baby is always an option”:
It’s a growing trend in Austin, so you always have a good fallback plan if you continue on a downward trend of failure. While some students are sugar babies to pay for tuition, you could always take it one step further and make it a lifestyle.

1.) “You would be a shining star at A&M”:
What better way to make yourself feel better than to remind yourself that you’re smarter than an entire university population? It may not be true, but you believe it because you’re a student at the University of Texas at Austin. Call up that one cousin who goes to A&M and just rub it in, you should feel better afterwards.

If you’ve failed an exam, just sit in front of a mirror and give yourself a pep talk with one of these 6 phrases. One of them is bound to trick you into thinking that failing your midterm really isn’t a big deal.


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