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7 Austin Instagrams That Prove You’re a UT Student

You already posted a “Gone to Texas” pic and put UT in your bio, but how do you constantly remind people you were in the top 7% of your graduating class? Make sure to drop casual hints throughout the year just in case people have forgotten.

7.) The Tower Pic:

This is an essential UT student picture with a very original caption like “Hook ’em baby” “what starts here changes the world” “the start to my next four years.” This picture is the first of many that will show off your UT pride.

6.) Game Day:

Is everyone aware the football in Texas is a big deal? Your school’s colors are burnt orange? It doesn’t matter if UT’s football team is mediocre at best, you’re there to show how much you believe in UT, and Matthew McConaughey being there is just the cherry on top.

5.) ACL:

The most anticipated event of first semester, the Coachella of Texas: ACL. You don’t even have to find somewhere to stay, it’s like it’s basically included in your tuition and it doesn’t matter that you only know the first three names on the lineup, there’s no way you aren’t attending.

4.) I love you so much:

One thing that Norman, Oklahoma sure doesn’t have is ART. Austin loves its murals, and every UT student loves this particular one so much.

3.) Irene’s:

You’re in Austin so it’s time to do some Austin things. Neon sign? Check. Vine covered wall? Check. And the most important of all, avocado toast? Check.

2.) Roundup:

The weekend where everyone you went to high school with ends up in Austin as well. Somehow they’re still talking about how their school is better; if you’re gonna be here at least put some respect on that name. Also to everyone wondering if their TA is going to round up their grades, probably not.

1.) Hiking:

Not only is UT in downtown Austin but there’s nature so close by; the literal definition of the best of both worlds, UT has it all. Are you in California or Zilker? No one knows, Austin is just that good.

Your’e pretty much not a UT student if you don’t have these Instas so, get crackin’ and make sure people know you go here for real.

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