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Best UT Double Majors to Give You Legs Like an Instagram Model

College is a transformational period. You get an education, discover yourself and your interests, and if you play your cards right you can get the legs of an Instagram model. Following your passion is nice and all but really overrated. If you can get TWO degrees while working on having the legs of a beautiful narcissist, that’s success. Here are five double majors at UT that will guarantee you the legs of an Instagram model;

5.) For the legs of someone with good genetics, try Architecture and Economics:
You won’t be walking nearly as far as the rest of the double majors on the list but traversing from Sutton to GRB should give you the legs of an 24-year-old who enjoys running and just figured out photo editing. The graphs from economics and lines and angles from architecture will complement each other perfectly. This double major is called the right angle.
Additional leg tip: Lunge everywhere. If you’re just walking, your legs aren’t reaching their full potential.

4.) For the legs of Cristiano Ronaldo, try Kinesiology and Geology:
With this dynamic duo, you’ll be learning all about the science of getting the quads and glutes of a future B-list pornstar in kinesiology and then how to make them rock hard in geology. When showing off your different leg muscles you can even compare them with the different rocks you’re learning about. “My calves are sedimentary af.”
Additional leg tip: While you’re in class, don’t actually ever sit down. Just squat over your seat for the duration of your class. If someone asks why you’re sweating profusely say “fuck off, bitch” because there isn’t really a great excuse. Also make sure they follow you on Instagram.

3.) For the legs of a body builder, try Astronomy and Dance:
Now we’re talking. Not only will you walk from RLM to WIN but dance will do wonders in your quest to have the legs of a 22-year-old who just used 3 years of savings on an iPhone X to get serious about her online modeling.
Additional leg tip: Live at least 20 miles away from campus and don’t own a car.

2.) For the legs of an Olympian, try Finance and Petroleum Engineering:
Wanna get the legs of a person who needs stranger’s approval of their looks in order to make some serous moolah? You’re pretty much guaranteed like $1.5 mill out of college with this pair. Warning— embarking on this double major will cause loss of empathy and becoming a literal slithery snake.
Additional leg tip: Never set foot in anything with wheels. Friends going to Sixth? Walk. Internship downtown? Run. Going home to Houston for break? Grab a tent, sleeping bag and hit the road.

1.) For the legs of the Hulk, try Nursing and RTF:
With this duo, you’re basically taking 2-3 campus tours a day. What if your model dreams don’t work out? Well, Grey’s Anatomy is always looking for hot extras for the leads to bang in the show. If you can look like you know what you are doing as a background nurse and have the legs of an unemployed hot person, you’re freaking set.
Additional leg tip: Try to alternate classes between one major and the other instead of having two classes of the same major in a row to maximize daily walking.

US News & World Report stated that 48% of students in the US said their number one goal in college is to get the legs of an Instagram model. With so many students going for great legs, the standard for legs will rise, making it even more important to pick a double major that will give you the legs of a flawless millennial while keeping other career options open.

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