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Best UT Libraries to be Loud and Obnoxious At

With a school as big as 50,000 students strong, it’s kind of hard choosing a library to let loose. Here’s the top six libraries to go crazy at:

6.) Perry Castaneda Library (PCL):
The PCL, aka “PCHell”,” aka the “most depressing building on campus,” is always busy with students studying, reading, and writing. It’s already pretty loud, and in no way seems like a library – except for the mass amount of books. Nobody gives a shit about the other people trying to get work done, so it’s nothing special when someone won’t shut up about their last night on 6th or how Fenves is a total “dilf.”

5.) Life Science Library:
This library, located in the UT tower main building, is the smallest on our list. It’s only two or three shelves, and has rows and rows of tables. It’s more for studying, so that’s why it’s always a pleasure when one of your friends decides to play the Drake “God’s Plan” music video at full blast. You’ll most certainly get kicked out and definitely annoy some stressed pre-med students.

4.) Kuehne Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library:
This library seems like it was named by two or three nerds that got together and just threw together their favorite words. I guess it would be fun to disturb the brightest of our school by taking a phone call from your mother and asking about that weird mole on your back.

3.) Classics Library:
The UT classics library is the most exclusive place on our list – it closes at 5 p.m., and was initially meant for graduate students and professors to work and do research. How boring. Undergraduates should take over this library, and use their tablets and snapchats to do the Tide Pod challenge. It’ll totally catch them by surprise.

2.) Fine Arts Library:
This library is literally almost past I-35, and really shouldn’t even be considered a part of campus. At most, there are only three or four people there MAX, and it’s because nobody really knows this place exists. And usually these people are thespians, and are actively trying to rehearse their lines. In the library. No respect.

1.) Architecture + Planning Library:
Peaking at the top of our list is the relatively new Architecture and Planning Library. Apparently, it’s so quiet you can hear a blueprint drop. Everyone is reportedly scared to talk or even move, just so not to make noise. There are a lot of “shh”s and “Please, I’m trying to study”s thrown around, and nothing is better than just obnoxiously drinking your water. Like actually gulping your water, so that you can hear it slosh in your mouth. People will absolutely hate that.

Remember, libraries are only 30% made for reading, the rest is up to you.

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