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Can We All Just Agree That Plan II Majors Are the Worst Majors At UT?

UT is famous for the “I’m better than you” attitude of its students. It’s basically a requirement for getting in but, of all the pretentious assholes that attend our school, students in the Plan II Honors Program are the worst.

We’ve all grown accustomed to the humblebrags of some of the more “prestigious” majors, like pre-med or business, because the stereotype of the arrogant, self-absorbed student in a business suit is so common. Coming face-to-face with a Plan II major is incredibly jarring, because the arrogance is so unexpected. Plan II’s spend their academic careers cultivating their ingrained need to be know-it-alls. Their arrogance is encouraged through the rigorous program of required philosophy courses and independent research, and as a result, self-importance is prominent in all of them. 

Plan II majors are in the College of Liberal Arts, and it’s basically the running joke of the world that liberal arts students may be well-read or well-spoken, but are essentially useless in the real world, so it’s expected that even UT’s liberal arts students have less of an “I’m better than you” attitude. The audacity of a Plan II major to openly brag about his or her major is incredibly annoying. If you meet a Plan II major who doesn’t talk about their senior thesis or GPA within the first few minutes, then they’re one of the rare exceptions.

They also seem to have no other purpose in life other to be serious at all times. Have you tried to talk to Plan II majors about life outside of school? Don’t do it, because you’ll either hear all about some obscure writer that they think is the next Orwell or you’ll be pressured to read the academic essay that, “changed the way they looked at writing.” Don’t invite them to a party unless you’re prepared to spend the whole night talking about the complexity of the human mind way more than you planned to.

Finally, the amount of condescension that comes out of their mouths sets new world records on the daily. If you ever walk away from a conversation with someone and your self-esteem at rock bottom, they were almost certainly a Plan II major. You were probably the victim of some insult you don’t even understand because it was said by some unknown philosopher at some point (they’ll also give you an, “oh yeah, you probably haven’t read them,” look), but you still felt hurt by it. It’s not their fault, per se, because it’s in their nature to let everyone else know that they know more about basically everything.

Basically, Plan II majors have the reputation of a liberal arts major, and the arrogance of McCombs. It’s an infuriating combination. So, Plan II majors of UT, can you please take it down a notch? Being in your presence can be exhausting for us plebians.


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