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Daily Texan Breaks Story About Something Nobody Cares About

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Between the publishing of two opinion pieces about whether Jester East is better than Jester West, UT’s campus magazine The Daily Texan published another story about something nobody cares about.

No pun intended, but it appears as if this magazine does this daily. With every refresh of their homepage, the news outlet releases two or three stories about a new useless mural in one of UT’s buildings.

When asked about the process of selecting their stories, Daily Texan managing editor Jake Sinclair says, “It’s actually a very simple concept. We publish stories that we think Fenves would find interesting. Everyone knows that’s the key to having a success media outlet.”

Sinclair then went onto say, “Some people criticize us for having that mentality. But my usual rebuttal goes as follows: college isn’t all about the students; it’s really all about making money for UT. How are we supposed to get ad money and donations with articles about students?”

But let’s not just dismiss the newspaper. Murals are really big and deserve media attention at all costs. It’s stories like these that aren’t necessarily interesting, but necessarily necessary. This is the motto for all of the Daily Texan’s pieces.

And maybe these pieces have some sort of purpose, like maybe, the public really does need to read 500 words about how a lecturer wants to spark student interest in a UGS. Or maybe the readers really do need to know about the spots to study on campus.

There’s no telling what will come next for the Daily Texan. Maybe they’ll publish a story about the new rent-a-bike racks or recycling percentages on campus. But they’ll probably just publish another piece about life in Jester.

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