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How to Make Your Canvas Profile Picture SUPER Sexy

College is a very stressful time. It’s even more stressful when you’re simultaneously trying to find the “one.” Or the “second,” “third,” or “fourth.” Relationships are hard and Tinder isn’t always the best option. But there’s still one online profile to find that perfect date: Canvas.. Here’s how to make your Canvas profile picture sexy, cute, or at least tolerable.

Step 1— Make the picture a medium shot:
The first move in making your Canvas profile picture look good is the framing. A good medium shot (waist up) is perfect for the canvas template. You’re showing off your upper half, and you’re leaving something for the imagination.

Step 2— Soft smiles are always the move:
Teeth are so overrated. And sometimes yellow. Avoid all the awkward toothed smiles and murderous smirks by just playing it cool with the soft smile. Its cute, and makes you look unimpressed. Everybody wants somebody who plays hard to get.

Step 3— No fish or guns:
No fish and guns. None. Please. Don’t even put that on Tinder. Trust me, it honestly just looks like you’re compensating for something.

Step 4— Wear your best office-hours-fit:
The number one rule for this step: wear something you’d only wear to your super cute TAs office hours. It works 100% of the time. That means no Ed Hardy, neon, fitted caps, anything stained, random vintage basketball jerseys, SXSW volunteer shirts, promotional clothing, or any free UT gear. Basically dress like you’re a McCombs student at a Goldman Sachs recruitment fair.

Step 5— Be yourself 🙂 maybe:
This last step is pretty abstract, but simple at the same time. Don’t be afraid to be yourself when taking your profile picture. But like not your actual self. The self that you put on LinkedIn or use around your professors. No one needs to see you eating cold pizza or crying over an essay.

If you utilize all these steps, your Canvas profile picture is guaranteed to look sexy and somebody may even try to hit you up. Wink wink.

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