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How to Perfectly Plan Your Schedule for Fall at UT

It’s been a long, hard semester and its finally time to register for next semester. You know that this determines exactly how miserable you’re going to end up next year, so here are some tips on how to make a schedule that will reduce that miserableness.

5.) No classes on Fridays:
The most important way ensure that you can have the optimal schedule is to make sure you don’t have any Friday classes. If you’re a business major you should be set, but if you aren’t be ready to spend some time trying to make sure you have just Monday-Wednesday classes instead of Monday-Wednesday-Friday. You were going to go out on Thursdays anyways, but at least this way you’ll go out without the stress of having to miss your seventh Friday 10 a.m. class in a row.

4.) Have two of them be electives:
Never make the mistake of having five major related classes together. There’s no need to do that type of leaning when you can have two major related classes and two electives that are just going to be a waste of time.

3.) Make sure none of them are 8 a.m.s:
Sometimes the best night to have a wine night is a Tuesday night, and you know from experience that these hangovers can be some of the worst. You sit down to watch a movie and end up with a headache from hell at 6:30 in the morning. There’s no reason to get into a mess like that, you can do whatever you want the night before if your first class starts at 12:30.

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2.) Never take just Tuesday-Thursday classes:
In theory this sounds like a great idea. A four-day weekend and Wednesdays off sounds unreal, but no one can handle this kind of freedom. You know for a fact that you’re not going to touch your homework until Monday, and instead of just having to do two classes worth of homework you end up having to do 4 or 5 classes worth of work the night before. Imagine hell week and having to go to every single one of your classes in one day.

1.) No need to take 5 classes:
There’s no need to do the most and take 5 classes. Consistency is the key to life, so two classes each day is the way to go, none of that three classes one day, two the other BS. By cutting down on the workload by taking one less class now you can spend that time shotgunning another beer.

These are five tips on how to have the least amount of class interference in your social life for the next year. These four years in college are supposed to be the best so make sure that your classes aren’t taking away from that.


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