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5 Post-ACL Drinking Games that Are More Fun than the Festival Was

Even for people who didn’t go to ACL, that Monday post-festival is a cultural come-down for all of us. ACL attendees are winding down from the booze and shaking it in gigantic crowds around a stage lit with fire. And, non-ACL attendees are having to put up with them while they rehash it for the next week. To make those normally obnoxious moments tolerable, try these post-ACL drinking games:

5.) Shotgun a beer for every story longer than two minutes:
This is a great game if you want to get absolutely obliterated. Grab a group of like-minded friends, as much beer as you can drink, and starting scrolling through your contacts Snapchat and Instagram stories. Any story longer than two minutes, grab a beer and shotgun it. Optional rule: If the story is longer than 5 minutes, grab a funnel and just keep pouring beer and drinking until you can’t even see the screen anymore.

4.) Take a fat gulp of wine for every ACL frame photo on Instagram:
This one’s for lonely winos who are sad they didn’t get to go to ACL and have a couple bottles and an evening to spare. Pop a bottle and scroll through your social media feeds, if you see a photo of that iconic High School Musical jump ACL, take a giant gulp of wine straight from the bottle. If the person in the photo is by the official ACL flags with the skyline in the background, cry and chug for 15 seconds. This will numb the pain until next year.

3.) Take a shot every time someone says “ACL” louder than the rest of their sentence:
After ACL, those three letters seem to be spoken way more before it. And way louder too. Next time you’re out and about or even studying on campus, pack a flask of your favorite liquid vice. When you hear a conversation that sounds something like, “her berader ACL har hoob,” take a shot from your flask and give yourself a headache you asked for.

2.) Kill a keg stand for all the people wearing their wristband’s a week after ACL:
We all notice those oh so forgetful ACL attendees who seem to wear their ACL wristband until it erodes off their body or must be surgically removed. So, at the end of the week after ACL, tally up all the people you see still sporting their commemorative wristband, then when night falls stand up on that keg, one second per person. For once, you’ll be glad they didn’t cut them off Monday morning.

1.) Power hour through a conversation with a person who went to ACL:
If you’re bold enough to actually try and have a conversation with someone a week after they went to ACL, this is the only way to survive. A power hour is 60 minutes of non-stop drinking. Grab your favorite beer and take a shot of it at the start of every minute your sitting and nodding your head at the person talking about the killer time they had. Alternatively, chug a beer for every show your friend recalls seeing in unnecessary detail. By the end of that hour you’ll be so drunk you will be able to withstand another inevitable hour of ACL memories.

Don’t worry, even though it feels like you’re the only person at UT who didn’t go to ACL, trust us, you’re not. These drinking games are way more fun than the festival was anyway. 

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