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How to Smoothly Transfer From McCombs to Economics Without Embarrassing Yourself

McCombs is packed with overconfident people who don’t like to acknowledge their weaknesses and love to exploit the weaknesses of others. It’s where students go to lose their morality. However, every so often a McCombs students realizes that they aren’t quite ready to sell their souls for capitalism and decide that they want to pursue their interest in business in a more wholesome and friendly environment, UT’s College of Liberal Arts. Transferring can be mortifying for someone exposed to McCombs’ harsh community, and it can be difficult to re enter a non-hostile society, so here are some steps a McCombs student can take to transfer without embarrassing themselves.

Dissociate from your toxic friends:
You need to form friendships if you’re going to survive in McCombs, even if they’re the most superficial bonds you’ll ever have. If you’ve recently decided to transfer out of the college, go ahead and ease your way out of the group. You’ll find this easy to do because when you talk to your McCombs friends less, your self-esteem will sky-rocket without their constant criticisms of who you are as a person. Additionally, your “friends” won’t show any resistance as they probably didn’t actually know your name and just called you “bro” or “fam.”

Smile more at strangers:
A dead giveaway that you’re a McCombs defector is your look of condescension that you probably picked up within your first few weeks in the college. This look is guaranteed to alienate you from the rest of society, as most people don’t find it appealing. So, once you’ve started your transfer paperwork, go ahead and smile at the few people you make eye-contact with walking around campus. Not a huge smile, just one that says, “I acknowledge that you’re a person.”

No ulterior motives:
Forming bonds can be difficult for a former McCombs student when you don’t have anything to gain except a genuine friendship with really cool person that could possibly last a lifetime. Remember that those are the people you want to hang out with, even if they don’t have connections.

Get used to the Liberal Arts jokes:
You’re essentially transferring from one extremely accurate stereotype to another. Embrace it. Even if you’re no longer subjected to snake jokes, you’ll now have to deal with the painful ones about your future of guaranteed unemployment. Smile through the pain, because at least you’ll pursue your interest in business with the respect of your family intact.

Re-learn humility:
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort portrayal will not be tolerated outside of McCombs. If you walk around campus with that attitude and an Economics degree plan, you’ll be ridiculed by everyone. Drop the attitude and become Leo’s Jack Dawson, a hardworking and nice average Joe.

To any McCombs students wanting to escape the cruel world of stocks and trades, and regain their humanity, you don’t need to lose hope. Taking these five steps guarantees you a smooth transition out of that hell hole.


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