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A Spooky Map of the Spookiest Off-Campus Living in Austin



The Forty Acres have a seriously somber and violent past; a past which need not bear repeating. However, lesser-known evils lurk and linger in some of the off-campus student living areas which decorate central and south Austin. Follow this spooky map, as we delve into past and present terrors of off-campus living in Austin…6.) Gray buildings of despair on Crossing Place:
A typically forgotten pocket of life, this off-campus living hides in the shadows like a serial killer. You’ve probably passed it by and never even glanced its way, and the gray buildings will never ever forget it. Then one day, after you visit a friend who just moved in there, and you finally recognize it’s existence, it will trap you in its gates with silent chuckle. Like “Hotel California,” you can drive in anytime you like, but you can never leave.

5.) Pearl Street Co-Op:
Built in 1964, compared to the gleaming newly born towers dominating the landscape of West Campus, Pearl Street is a relic of the (truly) weird Austin. Both graciously and terrifyingly, Pearl Street hasn’t changed much. Home to some of the stranger UT parties, any night there has the potential to be Halloween–with ghouls and witches and drunken Satanists running amuck. Also that pool… legend has it the pool eats up drunken students when they wobble into the waters after pounding an entire 12-pack of Witches Brew.

4.) The lakefront village in North Campus:
The Google reviews on this place alone sound like the beginning of truly terrifying Stephen King novel. Everything here is disintegrating away. Not to mention, the loud, piercing sounds that echo in the night like a clock tower through the air. It’s arguable whether these are gunshots or newly passed spirits trying to maintain their reputation in death. Either way, students get spooked. All in all, this area is like being a horror film character who just moved into a haunted house–a living nightmare.

3.) Helios Co-Op:
Reminiscent of a movie set, the place just looks spooky. Constructed in the Queen Anne Victorian style and boasting a turret capped with a spike the shade of blood, Helios looks like the type of house you wouldn’t dare knock on while trick-or-treating as a kid. But far more chilling than aesthetics is the name which it bears, Helios. Helios was a Greek god who was the personification of the sun and best known for setting the whole earth ablaze. So, logically, it’s only a matter of time before that house sets all of West Campus on fire just to watch it burn.

2.) Glass building on Guad:
Reality here is stranger than fiction. With its proximity to campus, one would think it to have the feeling of one of the residence halls located directly on the Forty Acres. But, just standing outside of the tower fills one with an indescribable discomfort. It’s the Bates Motel of student living, but with more than one kind of psychopath. This may be due to the ghosts following international students, who largely fill those vacant and dank halls, from war-torn areas of the world, or might be because Jeb Bush once lived there and really rubbed off on the place. 

1.) The apartments on Elmont:
Once featured on an episode of The First 48, the Northern campus apartments are the spookiest of all the student living near UT. This place will literally try to kill you. If the spooky streets themselves fail to fright you, what lurks on the property might. This complex also houses Texas State students as well, who, like little devils, unite under a full moon to place a hex on UT students so that they fail their finals and have to transfer to their school of intellectual simplicity. 

Use this map to beware of the spooky living areas that linger in Austin. Who knows what might be lurking around in the night!




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