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UT Midterm Results Lead Students to Consider Transferring to A&M

Following an incredibly stressful and tear-inducing week of exams, many  Longhorns are now being reduced to more tears due to those UT midterm results. While some students are calculating what they would need to make on the next exam to pass the course, others have given up completely and have begun to consider the possibility of transferring to A&M.

“I know it’s crazy but, I just think I’m meant to be an Aggie,” said sophomore psychology major, Michael Lutz. “I spent my freshman year working my ass off and I’m barely pulling a 2.8 GPA right now. Meanwhile, my cousin at A&M spent his freshman year cow tipping and living off Bud Light, and he’s got a 3.6. So, I know I can really shine there academically.”

Many other students have reached the same conclusion as Lutz and are hopeful that their failures on the Forty Acres will translate to success at A&M. Although A&M is never anyone’s first choice, it does have unique programs such as a roadkill cuisine associate degree course and a middle-management skills program that’s tailored specifically for Chick-fil-A; both of which have yet to be offered at any other university. Lutz later told us that he plans on transferring into their College of Nursing because the only requirement for acceptance is to memorize and deliver any monologue from Grey’s Anatomy.

While she acknowledges that it’s a rash decision, freshman Hannah Lloyd believes that transferring will take a huge weight off her shoulders, “I’m stressed out all the time and it doesn’t even pay off. I made a 56 on my exam! In high school, all I had to do was give my notes a quick glance and I’d ace tests. I know A&M can offer me that same stress-free environment. Of course, I’ll definitely be disowned by my parents, but my mental health is more important than their pride.”

Like many others looking to transfer, Lutz and Lloyd have a tedious road ahead of them if they decide to go forward with the transfer, as A&M doesn’t offer an online application because the admissions office staff still believes the internet is a form of witchcraft.

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