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Texas Union Bathroom Graffiti Ends Racism Forever

After a poignant hand-written discourse, racism has finally ceased to ail all of the world’s civilizations. And it all started with an idea, written boldly in the form of bathroom graffiti on a stall at the University of Texas at Austin.

The anonymous bathroom graffiti simply stated, “End racism.” Word spread and many students around the Texas campus were left dumbfounded at how obvious the solution was to the problem of racial inequity.

When asked about her reaction to the groundbreaking idea, third year sociology major Joann Conner said “Man, I wish I thought of that. Would have been a great thesis,”  After dog-earing a page in her Maya Angelou novel, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, she quipped, “I’m sure I would have passed my thesis review if I came up with the idea to end racism!”

Discourse on the topic of racial injustice is nothing new, and has been studied rigorously for many years, “But this act of vandalism,” says Dr. White, an African diaspora studies professor on UT campus, “it cuts to the essence of the issue.” While tossing out all her literature on the plight for civil rights, Dr. White shrugged, “Just end racism. No need for political protests and intellect.”

The overwhelming force this graffiti has on the minds of humanity is obvious, as everyone has now completely shed their racial biases.

“I mean, I was never racist, so I’m glad racism is over. But, I’m really just excited to be in the first crop of students to study the transformative power this graffiti has had on society,” Joann excitedly declared as she tipped her “Make America Great Again” hat. “What happens here really does change the world!”

At time of article publication members of the KKK were seen  joining their new allies from Black Lives Matter to burn all Confederate and Nazi memorabilia.




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