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Top 10 Captions for Your Back to School UT Tower Insta

People post pictures at the UT Tower way more at the beginning of the semester. So in this “golden hour” of the Tower, here are some great caption ideas and photos to help you become the person you want to be in 2018.

10.) Good Morning!!!:Your classic back to school picture. If your 2017 was pretty good, then this is the caption to show people that you are happy, healthy, and ready to take the world by its horns. You gotta wake up early to use this picture though. There is a risk that it will not produce as many likes because people won’t be fully awake but that’s a risk you’ll have to take.

9.) Horns up, Tower up, who up?:

Fun, flirty, and flattering. The 3 F’s we all need and hope for, all in one Instagram picture. Risk: people not being up.

8.) It’s 5 o’clock somewhere:

Since the tower has a clock on it, this caption will play on the fact that it probably isn’t 5 O’ clock. This caption will indicate that you are involved in Greek life and that you are always down for a party.

7.) Back to the grind:

This caption indicates that you indeed are in McCombs or Cockrell. If you aren’t in either of those majors, this is not the caption for you: the chances that a person will roast you is too high.

6.) Back with my other half!:

This caption lets people know that first, you’re involved in a relationship and second, the break went well for you two. This caption will produce greater likes, because your grandmother will accidentally share the picture while trying to like it.

5.) *Insert your phone number*:

It’s a bold move, but it can work to your advantage. Imagine someone jokingly texting you and then immediately falling in love with your Bitmoji game. It’s a stretch, but at the University of Texas, anything can happen.

4.) Really getting fit this semester:

This picture indicates you indeed are getting fit, this semester.

3.) Flexibility will be key this semester:

Indicates your flexibility physically and academically. Use this in your LinkedIn profile to truly impress future employers.


Bring back nostalgia for the good old days when planking was the wildest trend and the world seemed like a more wholesome place.

1.) Married to this school:

It’s a bold move. Means you are strongly dedicated to the university and will most likely get a Longhorn tattoo in the near future. It attracts a select few who also share your passion for burnt orange. Who knows, you could end up being that couple that posts baby photos with Bevo.

People always say that there is more to life than social media, but we all know that’s a lie from the government, Alexa from Amazon, and liberal professors to make students feel better. Keep in mind that some things may come and go–but Instagram is forever.

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