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Here Are The Top 8 Bevoes of All Time

In just over a year and a half, Bevo XV has made his mark on Texas football with a growing sense of maturity and grace. Yet, if you had to rank the top half of all the Bevo mascots to ever exist on the 40 Acres, he wouldn’t even make the cut; he’s too young. If you’re curious to find what kind of legacy Yung Bevo must ascend to, check out the game’s best:

8.) Bevo IV, aka Ol’ Crazy Eyes:

This dude Bevo IV was a straight maniac: frothing at the mouth, side-eying everyone, and even putting Ranch on his pizza; Bevo IV was one mascot you didn’t want to mess with. UT lowkey tried to put him down a couple of times after he attacked — and this is real — parked cars, but Ol’ Crazy Eyes wasn’t going down like that bitch Ole Yeller.

7.) Bevo V, the Cozy One:

Ballin’ out on the sidelines in his cozy sweater, Bevo V wasn’t much of a football fan, but he just showed up for the atmosphere and his friends. He lived before cell phones, so during games Bevo V would have to sit on the sidelines and send messages via falcon to his buddies on the farm.

6.) Bevo I, the OG:

Finessing UT athletics by agreeing to just one appearance, Bevo I made history by becoming the first mascot to have the state attorney general rescue him from cattle thieves. No amount of physical abuse could faze this magnificent beast, except the whole getting butchered and eaten by UT administration.

5.) Bevo XII, the Paul Walker:

Mostly known for his trailer getting slammed on MoPac beyond the help of Jim Adler, Bevo VII didn’t do too much, except seek self-validation through extreme adrenaline rushes and fighting his handlers.

4.) Bevo II, the Ladies’ Steer:

Like most of the early Longhorn mascots, Bevo II liked to create as much chaos as bullishly possible, and he did that by chasing cheerleaders on multiple occasions. These were the olden days before Tinder, so Bevo II was straight out of luck and died alone like most of the Bevoes on this list.

3.) Bevo III, the Partier:
One of the most rambunctious Beevs to graze the 40 Acres, Bevo III became renowned for his street fighting style, breaking free of his handlers multiple times and always down for a ruckus. Once, he even escaped from his enclosure and wreaked havoc across Austin for two days. Absolute animal.

2.) Bevo XIV, the Queen Elizabeth:

With the one of the longest reigns in Bevo history, Bevo XIV became the longhorn most of us grew up admiring on TV, with his steady presence and calming demeanor. He was such a constant at UT football games that it seemed he could never die, until he did a couple of years ago.

1.) Bevo XIII, the Epitomic Bevo:

With a career spanning across three decades and a legacy that his two successors have had trouble living up to, Bevo XIII embodied what it meant to truly be Bevo. He could look real cute on TV or cheer up kids at the hospital one moment, then buck and frighten some band students the next. His greatest moment came in the 1996 Big 12 Championship, when he pissed all over the Nebraska logo and willed the Longhorns to the title.

Bevo XV may be young, but he still has a long legacy of excellence to live up to. Hopefully, the next decade or two will be filled with plenty of escapes, chases, and camera shots of subdued grass chewing.


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