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Top 9 Totally Lit UT Organizations to Join This Semester

Attending a giant school like the University of Texas can be a little daunting, but luckily there’s a student organization for everyone and their diverse interests. Take a look at this list of clubs and groups that are totally lit!

9.) Texas Beekeeper’s Association:
Peaking at number nine on our list is the Texas Beekeeper’s Association. This buzzin’ organization is probably the most stylish group on campus. Their bee-keeper suits are always attracting eyes everywhere they go, and they’ve definitely created a trend or two. Now you see students around campus wearing the beekeeper face-mask only for the aesthetic!

8.) Texas Paintball:
Founded in 2006, this club enjoys spending their weekends playing in tournaments and shooting each other with small balls of paint. You can always tell who’s in this organization by looking at someone’s arms–if there are multiple bruises on their arms, they’re most likely a UT paintballer… or maybe they had a wild night. Ok so maybe bruises aren’t that’s not a very reliable indicator .

7.) Texas Juggling Society:
How do they do it? How do these UT students juggle class work, a social life, and juggling? It seems darn near impossible With a schedule like that no wonder they don’t date. You can catch all these fun-loving jugglers hanging out the PCL fondling everything. On a related note, all of their phones are cracked.

6.) TSTV:
The great media-makers of the University of Texas. These students think they’re funnier than you do, but don’t let that discourage you from watching any of their content. They have something for everyone–sketch comedies, sports broadcasts, and more sketch comedies!

5.) Texas Wranglers:
This testosterone-filled spirit group is on this list for one thing and one thing only–these guys dress like cowboys everywhere they go. There’s nothing better than the sound of spurs clicking on the hardwood classroom floor when you’re trying to take an E 316K exam. And have you seen their game day chaps? They’ve been embracing the Texas stereotype for years.

4.) The Daily Texan:
Any organization that has over 5000 members is truly remarkable. Odds are that 1 in 4 of your friends works or has worked for the Daily Texan, so it’s pretty safe to say that the student-run newspaper is pretty well-known. The cool thing about this organization is that they all want to work at the New York Times, but will definitely settle for Buzzfeed.

3.) UT Secular Student Alliance:
The freethinkers of UT’s campus, which coincidentally hold all the same values of the average UT student, never fail to table on the West Mall at all times. Every single day of the last semester, this group had representatives recruiting and yelling about their secular movement. It was quite charming. Word on the street is that some of their students would even skip their government classes to demonstrate at the capitol. Sure, it was only a five-person protest, but it’s the thought that counts.

2.) University of Texas Student Government:
The diplomats of our campus are so secretive that nobody really knows what they do. A true organization that prizes humility and covertness, just like our actual government! Also like our actual government, the insiders offer no help in understanding their purpose. So that’s cool. Next time you meet a student diplomat, make sure to congratulate them for doing something! It could literally be anything!

1.) Young Conservatives of Texas:
Two words: Rick Santorum. Any organization that has stars like that visit our campus is truly “lit.” Also, this group is so popular, random students have even offered to help redecorate their signs and advertisement materials, for free!

Consider yourself acquainted with the most lit organizations this school has to offer. Join at your own risk!

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