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An Unprepared UT Student’s Guide to Dressing for This Damn Weather

As we’ve seen in these past few weeks, the weather in Austin is weird as shit. It’s not unusual to go from freezing weather where your nipples are sore from being constantly exposed to the chill, to sweating profusely just walking from Parlin to Mezes, often in the same day. Many students struggle to keep up with the crazy weather patterns and can easily screw themselves over by dressing in layers of sweaters before they go outside only to be greeted by the sticky humidity of a stupidly sunny day. To help students be prepared for the weather, The Black Sheep has composed some helpful tips that all types of students should know about.

5.) Wear a Longhorn hoodie under another Longhorn hoodie:
There are people around campus that wear the same hoodie every day, you know who they are. You don’t know the person’s name or anything about them, you only know them as “that guy in the hoodie.” Maybe you’re this person. If you don’t want to change your habit of wearing a hoodie that doesn’t do shit for warmth, but you want to be warmer, then just buy another one. This tip is definitely not sponsored by the Co-Op where you purchase Longhorn hoodies starting at the very low price of just $40.00.

4.) Layer with all types of clothing:
If you’re the type of person who has their shit together, or maybe you like to dress like you do, it’s can be hard to change the habit of overdressing for a simple walk to class. The best way to utilize your skill of being extra is to incorporate clothing for all types of weather. Put on a t-shirt under your long-sleeve shirt that you’re wearing under your baggy sweater. For your lower half, wear very tight tights under slightly looser leggings under skinny jeans and finish it off with a pair of loose shorts. Sure, you might look like a Forever 21 mannequin train wreck, but you’re prepared. If it gets hot, all you have to do it run to the bathroom and remove a layer.

3.) Invest in tear-away clothing for dramatically adapting to sudden rises in temperature:
Are you a dramatic person by nature? Are you currently enrolled in the College of Fine Arts? Tear-away clothing is a must-have for every season, especially in Texas where we can go through all four in a single day. Not only can you be relatively warm in multiple layers, you don’t even have to run to the restroom to take any off, just start stripping wherever you are! You’ll attract the attention of everyone around you, something you probably love, and you’ll be ready to continue your day in a matter of seconds. But if the temperature drops again, you should run to the bathroom to put your clothes back on, it’s just not as cool to watch someone get dressed in the middle of sidewalk.

2.) Buy a beanie that can keep you warm but also make you look like a troubled hipster on a warmer day:
Are you subtly dramatic but you still want everyone to know? Get a beanie in navy blue, black, or grey and then wear it all the time. If it’s colder outside, good, your ears won’t freezing off and the cold winds won’t mess up your hair, and if it’s warmer, just pair your beanie with any classic novel, sit in the grass and pretend to read, and people will just think you’re so deep.

1.) Get a leather jacket that give you the “I’m too cool for weather” vibe:
Nothing matters if you have a nice leather jacket, it transcends majors and stereotypes, only allowing other people to see you as that cool person with a leather jacket. It probably won’t keep you warm enough on its own and you’ll probably get a little warm if it’s sunny, but it doesn’t matter because you look cool. Although, since many students can no longer afford luxuries like a real leather jacket due to rising tuition prices, pleather is a decent substitute.
These tips are not only minimally helpful in dressing for all kinds of Texas weather, but they still allow you to be yourself! The next time we face extreme weather like the great freeze of last Tuesday, you’ll be ready.

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