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UT Austin Colleges Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

UT is known for all the majors it offers, there’s something for everyone, but the school the major is a part of can tell you a lot about what the major is going to be like, so here’s a list of accurate names for all the UT Austin colleges, to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

5.) Engineering – The Hannah Montana’s:
They aren’t going to ACC because they’re dumb, it’s more like they’re smart enough to be playing the game. These students have figured out that if they take certain physics and math courses at UT they aren’t going to be able to survive, so in order to avoid getting weeded out, they have determined exactly what to take at a community college. By the end of it, they’ve taken so many classes not at UT, it’s like going to a community college but having a diploma that says UT on it — the best of both worlds.

4.) School of Architecture – The Fixer Uppers:
Half the population has gone through the phase of watching HGTV and thinking “hey, I have a pretty good eye, I think I could match backwashes and cabinets like a pro” the students in interior design are just the ones that haven’t grown up yet. Their dreams of not even designing anything new, just putting pieces together lives on. Little do they know that just going to Magnolia isn’t going to make them the next Chip and Joanna.

3.) Liberal Arts – Problematic:
When you ask them what they’re going to do with their major and they answer  “oh I just needed to do something for undergrad, I’m just going to go to law school afterwards.” Is half the school is trying to go to law school? Do they even know what type law? Or the fact that the national unemployment rate for lawyers in 15.5%? At this rate it’s better to just be a history major, and that’s saying something.

2.) McCombs – Literal Hell
You think that once you get into McCombs it’s all smooth sailing from here, because obviously you have to be a little intelligent to get in, but nooooo. You will be reminded every five minutes that this is not what you were expecting, everybody’s your competition, the entire world wants the same internship that you do, and somehow everybody but you is in BHP and Plan II and they will be sure to tell you that there in both of those regardless of whether you asked.

1.) School of Nursing – The Posers
The dream was to be a doctor, but realized soon enough that seven years of college wasn’t worth the tuition or the stress (and also that you weren’t smart enough for it), so the next best thing, nursing, was just going to have to do. You still get to work in a hospital, but instead of doing anything real you just have to do the same work, for a fraction of the money…

So if you were wondering what you should actually tell people you’re majoring in, here’s the answer to your queries.

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