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What to do on UT Campus When Your Only 2 Friends Leave for Thanksgiving

Finally, it’s UT Thanksgiving break, and you won’t, or maybe you can’t, go home for the holiday, because ironically you can’t set aside your political differences with your family or maybe you’ve decided to make the most out of paying for rent. But, depressingly, the few friends you have in Austin are out of town. To beat the boredom, try these hot tips:

5.) Catch up on your studies:
Since you don’t have your homies to distract you, you might as well get caught up on your school work, which you’ve been behind on since the 3rd week of classes. Just kidding we all know you’ll work for an hour or two, finish up a single reading, and then end up watching Netflix and sleeping until the middle of next Tuesday when you’ll wake up in a cold sweat and realized you did absolutely nothing all break.

4.) Waddle around West Mall like a turkey:
Get into the tradition of the day and embrace the turkey way, literally. You don’t need anything fancy, just some construction paper from the Art Co-Op to make yourself some feathers. If you can’t enjoy some turkey, be a turkey. Gobble gobble.

3.) Scream about all the things you’re grateful for from the SAC roof:
Once you have spent a solid amount of time pretending to be a turkey, it’s time to get serious and participate in the true spirit of the holiday–giving thanks. Climb your way up to the roof of the SAC with a well thought out list of at least 50 things you are grateful for. Proceed to scream them loudly from the roof, so everyone walking about on Speedway can hear about all the sick blessings in your life and be reminded to give thanks themselves. Before you finish your list, you’re bound to have 15 other students there with you, following your lead, and exhaling their graciousness into the air.

2.) Have a chat with the turtles at the Turtle Pond:
The most interesting place to meet new people on campus is at the Turtle Pond. The pond is filled with tons of lonely creatures, just like yourself, who are in desperate need for some person-to-turtle contact. Take a seat on the rocks with your cup of Thanksgiving cider and unload all the words that have been rolling around in the back of your throat; trust us, the turts are all ears. It’ll remind you of a visit to the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center, but this saves you 15 bucks.

1.) Drink a case of beer with your Thanksgiving turkey sandwich:
It’s turkey day and you can’t celebrate all the awesome stress in your life with your friends because they’re all at home with their families eating sweet potatoes and casseroles. A fun idea to give thanks for your world-class education by your lonesome is to buy a turkey sandwich from Which Wich on Guad, a case of beer, and feast! Once you’re really drunk off of cheap beer you will be oozing with appreciation.

Hopefully, these fun suggestions for ways to busy yourself on campus without your friends or class to distract from yourself will prove to be useful methods of escapism. If all else fails, you can always start that new TV series on Netflix your friends have been hounding you to watch. Happy Thanksgiving loser!

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