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UT Colleges as Alcoholic Drinks

Everyone has a favorite drink that’s their go-to on a night (or day, who’s judging) out. Here’s a list of perfect drinks to order based on your major. Maybe these are already your favorites, if not they’re something to try and who knows maybe they’ll be your new drink of choice.

6.) College of Liberal Arts— Mimosa:
You go through the motions of drinking it like everyone else, and you’re drinking for as long as everyone else is, but by the time they’re fully drunk you barely feel anything at all, just like when everyone graduates and gets their degrees. You’ve all been here for the same amount of time, but other degrees can get a job that isn’t a barista on SoCo.

5.) McCombs School of Business— Fireball:
Just a whiff of this whisky and people know its Fireball, the same way someone can recognize a business major when they spot one. They’re easily identifiable, definitely not your best friend, but someone you’ll settle for.

4.) School of Nursing— Mojito:
Because you want the medical career but don’t want the 4 years of undergrad plus 7 years of med school and residency commitment, the same way you want tequila but don’t feel like dying tonight. Mojitos are the easiest way to feel the buzz of tequila but still be able to walk.

3.) Cockrell School of Engineering— FourLoko:
Paired with hot Cheetos, this combination is equivalent to physics and calculus. This drink is perfect for anyone who has to do physics beyond f=ma, because it all goes downhill from there, just like your ability to make decisions after drinking this.

2.) Steve Hicks School of Social Work— Adios MotherFucker:
This drink goes down easy and makes you feel great. No one’s every going to be impressed by the fact that you drank it, but only you know the type of satisfaction you feel when you drink something that tastes good and also doesn’t cause trouble for other people, You’re the friend that’s drunk enough to enjoy a night out and still be a responsible friend.

1.) College of Undergraduate Studies— Vodka Sprite:
To be honest if you’re still undecided you yourself know that you don’t deserve anything better than this. The awful taste of Everclear with sprite that does nothing to mask the taste, and for sure to cause the worst hangover is all your getting until you finally decide to do something with your life.

Every major has their own feel and here’s a list of alcoholic drinks that evoke the same emotions. Hopefully the next time college has gotten you feeling down you can have a sip of one of these drinks and remember exactly what you’re here for.

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