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UT Majors as Vines

If you’ve ever wondered what your major would be as a vine, here’s a list of just that.

13.) Nursing:

Just tryna keep those patients alive, but sometimes accidents happen.

12.) Sports Management:

There’s only one thing you need to know if you want to do anything sports related and that’s this.

11.) Communication Studies:

As a communications major, you learn how to communicate effectively, as the name implies, and when someone says something you don’t want them to say, your best bet is “You have been stopped.”

10.) Music Performance:

Deep and meaningful lyrics aren’t always hard to achieve as can be seen.

9.) Linguistics:

Four years of this and you’re ready for whatever job linguistic majors have.

8.) Religious Studies:

God forgives us all.

7.) Philosophy:

Sometimes you just have to ask the hard questions in life

6.) Psychology:

The best way to get better is to let it all out.

5.) Undeclared:

Academics aren’t everything, you’ll find your path soon enough.

4.) Women and Gender Studies:

What are gender roles and why are they irrelevant? Find out in the next years.

3.) Civil Engineering:

It’s a little extra for y’all to be putting signs up for something that should work to begin with.

2.) Environmental Studies:

Observing nature through staring at screens.

1.) Plan 2:

There’s only so much work one person can handle.


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