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UT Set to Offer Fortnite Minor This Fall

AUSTIN,TEXAS-With the recent popularity surge of the multi-platform video game Fortnite, UT has decided to keep up with the times and offer a Fortnite minor this coming Fall eligible for all students at UT. The minor will require 17 hours of coursework and 75 hours of lab work.

The course sequence is set to include Intro to Fortnite, Forts and Building 301 and three electives picked from tracks in resource adaptation and weapons.

Brian Buttersworth an electrical engineering major, expressed his excitement about the program to reporters, stating “Ever since I started playing Fortnite, my GPA dropped to a 1.7 so I thought this whole college thing wouldn’t work out. But with this new program, my 186 wins on Fortnite qualified me for an associate professor position for a few of the weapons and building courses. Once I get over 250 wins and finish my thesis on the effects of skins on gameplay I’ll be on tenure track.”

However, some people disagree with the implementation of the Fortnite minor. In a press conference with UT leadership, Maurie McInnis, Executive Vice President and Provost stated “The Fortnite minor not only is insulting to the prestige and excellence we strive for here at the University of Texas at Austin but doesn’t make any sense to implement and has no real-life application.”

President Greg Fenves quickly responded, “Lol I bet you have zero solos, noob ass bih.”

Another complaint by Darrell Bazzell, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, came up later in the conference. He stated “The proposal asks for the purchase of 1,000 PS4s 1,000 Xbox Ones and over 2000 sets of high end headsets and remotes costing over $800,000. The lack of professionalism and seriousness you have displayed [Greg] over the past few weeks over this issue is preposterous and a fireable offense.” Fenves responded “Shut the fuck up Bazzy, if my back didn’t hurt carrying your ass in squads, I would come over there and throw some hands. You wouldn’t be so butthurt if you could get a solo dub.”

Fenves, a vocal supporter of the minor has repeatedly defended its purpose and ability to impact students’ lives positively. When asked why he thought it was a good idea he stated “Listen, I can’t have Longhorns, walking around campus with zero solo wins, if I can make a difference for these kid’s self-confidence and ability to stand up for themselves, then I can retire a successful man.” Fenves has also appointed himself as the director of the Fortnite program. An anonymous source claims that Fenves has referenced himself as the “Dean of the School of Fortnite” and that a Fortnite major and school (location TBA) is in store for Fall 2019.

Ultimately after much controversy the minor will officially be available Fall 2018 for all students.

Staff Writer, Noah Obstfeld
4 solo, 0 duo, 10 squad

The required courses for the minor will include;
1.Fortnite 101: an overview of building, combat, solo strategy, duo strategy, and squad strategy. If you have over 50 wins you will be eligible to TA for this course.
2.Forts and Building 301: How to collect materials and build.
3.One of the following electives

a.Team building 118: Working together in squads
b.Resourcefulness 144: Conservation of resources and ammo
c.Effective Communication 167: Using communication to win duos and squads
d.Networking 329: Making friends with really good players to squad up with later

4.One of the following electives:

a.) Bush hiding 307: Winning with one kill
b.) Skin design 336: Designing and picking a skin that is right for you
c.) Stream Analysis 318: Critiquing and learning from Fortnite streams
d.) Enemies to Friends 121: Making allies in solos
e.) Strangers to Champions 378: Winning squads with randoms

5.) Two of the following weapon electives:

a.) Assault Rifles 337
b.) SMGs 324
c.) Pistols, Revolvers, and Hand Cannons 322
d.) Snipers, Hunting Rifles, and Crossbows 309
e.) Shotguns 312
f.) Grenades, Impulse Grenades, and C4 322
g.) Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers 145
h.) Miniguns 331





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