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UT Student Passes Out After Continuing to Wear Sweater Past Noon

A mild tragedy struck the 40 Acres last week when 20-year-old junior, Katie Samuels, passed out after suffering a heat stroke on her way to her 12:30 English class.

“I was walking to Parlin from the PCL and I just felt dizzy suddenly,” she recalls of the incident. “When the paramedics told me that I’d had a heat stroke because of what I was wearing, I was confused. I mean, it was 64 degrees when I left my house that morning so how could my sweater and boots have caused me to pass out? There has to have been another explanation.”

Recently, the weather in Austin has led many other students like Samuels to make poor choices regarding their clothing, as they don’t take the afternoon sun into account. An unexpected cold-front, like the one last week, inevitably leads to students jumping the gun on their fall wardrobe.

“It’s already October, so obviously I’m going to dress for fall,” Samuels says as she takes a sip of her extra-hot, soy, pumpkin spice latte while sweating profusely. “And I got this sweater from Urban Outfitters, it pulls my whole outfit together. I’m not going to sacrifice my Instagram fall aesthetic because it gets a little warm in the afternoon.”

Because Samuels refused to believe her clothing caused her to pass out, President Fenves thought it wise to make the rest of the student body aware of the dangers of prematurely dressing for fall.

Fenves urged UT University Health Services to send out an email to students, reminding them that we live in Texas, and must dress appropriately for its erratic warm weather. The email also offered advice to students for accommodating the changing temperature throughout the day, pointing out that light jackets and hoodies are available at the University Co-op for only forty dollars. It also urged students to remember to remove the extra layer of clothing should they begin to feel too warm or sweaty.

Following the email, the University saw an unusual rise in topless students throughout campus, as the UHS forgot to also remind them to wear a shirt under that hoodie. Until students adjust to these fluctuating temperatures, it seems they’ll continue to dress inappropriately.

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