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Weekly Beer Review: Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Nastro Azzurro

Peroni (Italy)

$2.09/Bottle (11.2 oz)

Grade: D+


The Beginning:

I don’t have a cute story to intro this — I wanted some beer. This is beer. It’s light and hopefully crisp on such an ungodly hot day. I may have needed an Italian beer to complete my beer tour at the liquor store. Don’t judge me. If you judge me you’re getting a Peroni bottle to the grill.


The Brewer’s Pitch:

Holy crap, I thought I had performed some sort of trans-linguistic error and found a tourism web site for the town of Peroni or something, the web site looks like a travel magazine. It IS for beer, though, if you can find it. Then there’s nothing about the actual BEER- but get ready for a fascinating history lesson about their ad campaigns, corporate philosophy, and a bunch of other stuff. Is it even for real? Or is it satire? I don’t speak enough Italian to know! Luckily Wikipedia has my back. Nastro Azzuro is the premium lager of Peroni Brewery (fun fact there, your average American will call the beer “Peroni” but that’s the brewery). Nastro Azzurro means “Blue Ribbon,” as the beer was named in honor of a Blue Riband won by an Italian ship in 1933. None of this tells me anything about the beer, but all this history makes me thirsty so I’m moving on.


The Beer:

Nastro pours bright clear gold, with a pale white head that fades quickly but is continually refreshed by lots of effervescence. The nose is a bit stale and funky, dominated by grains. The beer is tingly and crisp from the high level of carbonation, but the taste is a bit flat. It’s a standard lager in many ways, grainy and not too bitter. At the back end it gets a bit sweet, and the aftertaste is a lightly bitter and slightly dusty flavor of old grain.


The Breakdown:

It’s a good thing I went on a journey of discovery for the brewer’s pitch section, because there’s not much to say here either. This is a completely run of the mill, slightly stale-tasting lager. It’s the sort of thing you order at a restaurant when you want a beer but they don’t have Bud or you’re too embarrassed to order it. Meh.


The Bottom Line:

I know I already have joked about this but seriously, look at this brewery web site:


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