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Weekly Beer Review: Blueberry Cream Ale


Blueberry Cream Ale

Cheboygan Brewing Company

$2.69/Can (1 Pint)

Grade: B-


The Beginning:
The latter third of summer is a time of slow days and fruit harvests- the sticky sweet goodness of nature that tastes oh so nice. I’ve been eating the shit out of Michigan’s blueberries lately since they’re fully in season and dirt-cheap wherever I go. So for me, blueberries and milk (along with some oatmeal) have been a breakfast staple lately. But what’s a guy to do when he can’t eat the same meal multiple times a day and still craves the flavor? Get some berries and cream beer, of course! Why not?


The Brewer’s Pitch:
Blueberry Cream is a creamy ale, light and smooth- it’s brewed with lactose sugar to make it creamy and sweet and those Michigan Blueberries for that natural goodness. The aroma of fresh juicy fruit bursts come forth to tempt you to savor a pint of Michigan freshness.


The Beer:
Blueberry Cream pours pale cloudy yellow, just tinged with a hint of pinkish-violet and topped by a thick dense intensely white head. The nose is sweet and mellow, reminiscent of canned blueberry pie filling with added layers of biscuity malt and alcohol tang. The beer is very light and almost fluffy in its consistency, but smooth enough that it coats the palate rather than being crisp or effervescent. It’s faintly sweet with a tart backdrop that is definitely fruity, although not thoroughly “blueberry”. The lion’s share of the flavor is a standard sweet cream ale. It’s light and bready, with minimal bitterness at the back end. More of the bite comes from the fruit sourness. As the beer warms, there is more blueberry flavor that does begin to appear.


The Breakdown:
This is a tasty enough beer, although it doesn’t really do what I was hoping it would do. The light fruitiness and tartness would be great served ice-cold as a refresher, but the flavors don’t really develop until the beer begins to warm. I could also do with the blueberry flavors being a bit more natural, the essence of canned pie filling is there throughout. Still, this is a pleasant enough beer. It’s fruity enough to be novel but not so fruity that it feels like a gimmick. It’s not going to get a full-time rotation spot from me but it’s worth a try if you want something delicately sweet with enough tartness to stop it from being syrupy.


The Bottom Line:
When the beer has you feeling like:


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