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Weekly Beer Review: Lighthouse Amber Altbier


Lighthouse Amber Altbier

Cheboygan Brewing Co.

$2.69/Can (16 oz)

Grade: C-

The Beginning:

Something something lighthouses? I don’t know, I tried to come up with a clever lead-in to this beer but I don’t really have one. Ambers are good all-season beers, Cheboygan is a solid brewery, and lighthouses just sort of exist. It’s raining outside as I do this review, and lighthouses are useful in storms? But hey, on an unrelated front, I’m pretty sure there’s studies that show that alcohol increases creative thoughts, so although I’m not witty enough to save this intro maybe by the end I’ll be on point.


The Brewer’s Pitch:

Lighthouse is one of Cheboygan’s flagship beers, a German-style alt. It’s a brilliant amber-gold with a thick head that laces the glass heavily. The texture is smooth and the hops are forward in the nose, with a crisp toasted-biscuit taste that makes Lighthouse a great thirst-quenching beer you can enjoy over and over. All of the malt used is malted barley, German grains grown in the American Midwest to give traditional European flavor to a homegrown beer.


The Beer:

Lighthouse is darker than I expected, dark copper-red with an effervescent head. The nose is hints of light toast and smooth caramel elements, very low and earthy. The taste is primarily a smooth bready biscuit, minimally roasted and with the barest hint of dull hops keeping it bitter throughout. Caramel malt asserts itself toward the end. The beer is smooth and full-bodied at the front but as you swallow it seems to get thinner and leaves a watery sensation on the tongue.


The Breakdown:

Although the color was more intense than I expected, the rest of the beer is weaker. It’s not bad, but the flavors are all a bit dull and muted for my taste- the grain isn’t crisply toasted, the hops don’t clean the palate, the caramel isn’t thick and rich. Still, the flavors are quite acceptable- it’s a decent tailgate beer, well suited to popping a top and having it with a burger, even if it’s not so good to savor lovingly.


The Bottom Line:

Oh hey, the beer’s too dark to notice easily, but there’s some sediment in this! Sediment like sand, which is at the beach, where lighthouses are! I knew there’d be a connection!


For those about to bid, we salute you:

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