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Weekly Beer Review: Mule Beer

Mule Beer

Short’s Brew

$2.19/Bottle (12 oz)

Grade: D-


The Beginning:

Moscow Mules are a delicious alcoholic treat made of vodka, ginger beer (ginger BEER, not ginger ALE), and lime juice. Served over ice in a frosty copper mug, they’re a great way to beat the heat with a touch of class. So what better way to do them homage than to cram a bunch of similar-tasting stuff into a beer bottle? I’ll admit, I generally expect to enjoy the beers I buy for this column so I’ve got some serious questions about exactly what I’m getting into here, but hey- maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!


The Brewer’s Pitch:

Mule Beer is an experimental (note: they’ve got that darn right) blonde ale, brewed with lime and ginger. So it’s not, as I first thought, a beer infused with flavor syrups. Instead it’s a beer with flavors designed to imitate a true Moscow Mule. The beer is medium bodied with very low bitterness, balanced and carrying piquant notes of lime and ginger.


The Beer:

Mule Beer is hazy orange-gold, heavily carbonated with a champagne golden head. The nose is sweet and juicy with a biting back end from the lime. The whole thing is rather reminiscent of pickled sushi ginger. The dominant flavor of the beer itself is a mild malt taste, mealy, and rather dry with a tang of lime permeating throughout. The ginger begins to assert itself in the aftertaste, and gives a powerful musty burn to the palate. This blends with a pithy citrus-peel bitterness that adds some serious punch to the end of this beer.


The Breakdown:

Yeah, this is pretty gross. There’s no way to sugar coat it. I think the ginger is what kills it- it’s strong and earthy, not at all like the sweet bite of ginger in a ginger beer. That, combined with the lime-peel bitterness, made my whole face squinch up with every drink. And in my highly literate, professional opinion, face squinching is not the sign of a great beer. It’s a cute gimmick, but take a pass on it and get yourself a real Moscow Mule if that’s what you want.


The Bottom Line:

A mule deer is a smaller, worse version of a deer that I suppose could be acceptable if you can’t get the real white-tailed article. Just like this beer compared to a real Moscow Mule.



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