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Weekly Beer Review: Perrin Gold Ale

Perrin Gold Ale

Perrin Brewing Company

$1.99/Can (12 oz)

Grade: C


The Beginning:


I thought Perrin was a cider brand, but it would seem I had my internal wires crossed- it’s actually a brewery in Michigan. So that’s nice! I just hope that it’s as refreshing as the cider I was planning on drinking. In the end though, any beer is a good beer on a warm summer night with the crickets going crazy and a nice breeze going- am I right or am I right?


The Brewer’s Pitch:


Perrin Gold is the brewery’s signature beer. It’s a crisp session ale, light and clean in its malty soul, with light notes of honeybee sweetness. They cite Urban Dictionary (always a thoroughly professional move) to define “sessionable” as an alcoholic beverage well-suited for lengthy drinking sessions, just the thing as we head into peak bonfire season. A blend of barley and wheat along with a triple-hop blend, Perrin Gold is a simple, delicious session beer.


The Beer:


Perrin Gold is (shockingly), bright white-gold, lightly hazy, with a dense fluffy white head. The nose is grainy and sharp with a delicate hint of sweetness. The beer is pretty light and crisp, not too thin though. At first the dominant taste is nothing but plain grain, a basic lager-like taste. As the beer begins to warm, the taste develops more nuance. Some sweet elements develop, although they are more wheat sweet than honey sweet. There’s also more bitterness appearing at the back end, that takes on a slightly metallic twinge in the bottom half of the glass. The aftertaste is a slightly musty wheat taste.


The Breakdown:


This does its job as a completely inoffensive “sessionable” beer. The grain tastes are pleasant and there’s just enough bitterness to keep it clean. The aftertaste is a bit stuffy, which could wear your palate down over a long session, but there’s also some pleasant sweetness. At the end of the day this is a thoroughly middle-of-the-road beer. It’s the kind of beer I wouldn’t seek out for myself to have, but you could definitely do worse if you wanted to fill a cooler for a party or a bonfire.


The Bottom Line:


As unimpressive as this beer is, I was absolutely right. Nothing beats a beer on a warm night to the tune of crickets.

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