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10 Places to Stuff Your Drunk Face in Berkeley for $3

Have you found yourself wandering around Telegraph well past midnight with nothing but booze in your stomach, three dollars, and a half-smoked blunt in your pocket? Did you just google “cheap places to eat in Berkeley when you’re smashed”? If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 10 best places to stuff your face in Berkeley for three dollars or less.


10.) A slice of Artichoke pizza:

There is an old wives tale that says when you’re hungover you should eat greasy food, so this applies to when you’re drunk too, right? Go to Artichoke and get yourself a greasy slice of whatever the hell they have left and treat your hangover before it even happens. Look at you, you superstar, 10 steps ahead of everyone else.


9.) Cream:

You’re already a mess, so it doesn’t matter that these fat ice cream cookies fall apart and drip all over your hands and clothes when you bite in. Since you only have $3, you can’t afford the luxury of the large variety of toppings they offer.


8.) Subway Across From Campus:

You can’t afford a Footlong, but it’s something.


7.) Noah’s Bagels:

This only applies if you’re somehow still drunk after 5 a.m., and you’ll only be able to buy a coffee. But it’s still a nice thought!


6.) GBC:

Technically dollars don’t apply here because you can use meal points, so go nuts. Get yourself a quesadilla, a Clif bar, maybe even a smoothie if that’s what you’re feeling. Treat yo self.             



5.)  King Pin Donuts:

With only three dollars, Asian Ghetto is a little over the budget, but you can stuff your face with greasy donut holes or inject your veins with pure sugary energy with their donuts.


4.) Taco Bell Cantina:

Lucky you! Taco bell offers a variety of items under three dollars. We highly recommend the Burrito Supreme, which is only $2.99, not only do you get to stuff your face, but you will also be saving one whole cent!


  3.) DKE:

Dumpster dive DKE for their leftovers. If you’re looking for something to drink with your free meal, go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night to wash down your bargain meal with a discarded wine bag.


2.) Crossroads Late Night:

Same kind of idea with GBC except with a lot more freshmen who have nothing else to do on a Thursday night.


1.) Sushi from Walgreens:

If you’re suffering from the freshman 15, or late onset freshman 15, go to Walgreens and try their sushi for a natural laxative to lose 10 pounds over night!




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