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7 Up-and-Coming Nightlife Spots in Berkeley

Berkeley is obviously a cool and spunky college town, but there are plenty of places besides Channing to hang out at night. These are some of the coolest up-and-coming, under-the-radar nightlife spots in all of Berkeley, so be sure to check them out before they become mainstream.


7.) That one building on campus that looks like it’s made Of Lincoln Logs:

Do you like feeling ~woodsy~? If so, consider heading to that one campus building that looks like it is made of Lincoln Logs. There are plenty of really cool meetings like once or twice a year in here for small letters and science majors that the school doesn’t really care about and will probably cut sooner or later for “budget reasons,” such as public health.


6.) The Crossroads bathrooms:

Wow! The bathrooms at Crossroads are a great place to meet new friends; because the abnormally high stall doors and frightening lack of toiletries ensure that you will have to come into contact with the person squatting next to you. Tender!


5.) The Student Learning Center (SLC):

Now open until 10p.m., the SLC is the perfect place to start your night. The bright fluorescent lighting and overcrowded tables are a perfect place to blackout from the Vitali in your Hydroflask enthusiastically review linear algebra until your sex drive, BAC, or GPA rises.


4.) The Clark Kerr Archery Fields:

This spot is great because if you know what Archery is AND you know how to play, you’re probably either a European exchange student or just weren’t #athletic enough to play a real sport in high school. Show off your skills or exchange student eccentricity by using your DIY archery equipment in the pitch dark because of course, there’s no outdoor lighting at all. For an exciting twist, if your date isn’t working out, relieve your sexual tension by using them as a human dartboard. Nice!



3.) The actual septic system:

Thick! Delve into the 5-foot-wide pipe system with your #bros or #sisterhood and go on a fun exploration! Many top Greek houses choose to have exchanges here, as the lack of light and overwhelming smell of body fluid embody the fragrance of a good sorority invite right from the start! Truly an “underground” venue.


2.) The stairwells of the BART station:

Take a whiff of PUBLIC TRANSIT! This place has everything: Urine, cigarette, and engine fuel fumes mix freely throughout the stairwell making a compelling odor that reminds you of Crossroads chili. Embrace the up-and-coming Berkeley art scene by listening to a broke college student hopelessly strum “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Uplifting!


1.) The empty pit across from the former location of Remy’s™:

What would Berkeley nightlife be without the empty pit across from the former location of Remy’s™? Located on the corner of Telegraph and Haste and covered in barbed wire fencing, the empty pit has risk management on lock, and the surrounding graffiti and scattered rolling papers and beer cans make it feel like the pre-game has already started!


These 7 spots are sure to make your nightlife experience so much more well rounded than slapping a bag of Franzia™ in a sweat-laden frat house ever could. Say no to cuffs and fifths and say yes to whiffs of #culture that only these very spots can provide.


Drunk people say the darndest things:


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