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8 Cal Buildings That Deserve The Finger Before You Graduate

Its’ almost graduation time, and you know what that means! It’s time for the seniors of Berkeley to move on from college life and become unemployed. How exciting! And while it’s exciting to move on, you’ve probably nurtured a few grudges this year. And with the clock ticking before graduation, it’s important that you get your revenge before you go. Starting with flipping off these 8 buildings.


8.) The GBC:


They took away our chicken strips two years ago, and yeah… we’re still not over it. Seriously, why did you do that? And when they added food it was just a smoothie bar and Clif bars. Plus, to top it all off, the outside is infested with killer squirrels who steal your food out of your hands.



7.) Dwinelle Hall:

Yeah it’s a lazy one to bring up, but it IS on everyone’s shit list. From the a.m. lectures, to the confusing layout, to the frankly inhumane bathrooms, it’s wronged everyone in a lot of ways. Its only redeeming aspect is that it’s a short walk, unless you’re some poor sap who lives on north side.


6.) The RSF Gymnasium:

There’s no logical explanation for why the regents thought all of the undergraduates, graduates, and weird older people from the community who should really just go to 24 Hour Fitness would fit in here. 20-minute lines for a shitty weight room simply aren’t worth it. Also, as an extra “fuck you” they put finals in the gym. Disrespectful.


5.) Li Ka Shing:

The only classes they offer at Li Ka Shing are that one class you really need to graduate, offered exclusively at 8 a.m.  It may be nice inside, but we’d all prefer classes in the same zip code. Christ, it took 15 minutes of walking to get the damn photo.


4.) DKE:

“Do you know a brother?” Yes. Yes, we do. And it has made life objectively worse. Seriously, y’all can calm it down with the hyper-masculinity.  And if you’re going to play your music loud enough for anyone in a 2-block radius to hear at 3p.m. on Wednesday, at least make it good. No one likes country except for you.


3.) Unit 2 Ehrman, Room 510:

Exactly two years ago this room hosted now-junior Kyle Duncan, who was the worst roommate imaginable. He never cleaned anything, vaped, yes vaped, in the room, and listened to music with out headphones. Fuck you and your philosophy degree, Kyle. This room, too.


2.) Evans:

Evans is ugly, soul-sucking, and home of the Math Department. There are literally no redeeming features of this building.  It has a broken elevator, windowless classrooms, and the outside is puke green. Just knock it down already.


1.) California Hall:

This is less about the building and more for the drunken baboons inside wasting tuition money. How can you be wasting this many hundreds of thousands of dollars on a public image consultant? You know how you fix your public image? By being a competent administrator.


Ah, the ultimate fuck-it-to-the-man list. Because nothing says rebel like quietly flipping off buildings as you walk by them.

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