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The Best Memes That Came Out of #MiloatCal

Wednesday night, tragedy struck UC Berkeley campus as unknown protesters hijacked the dance party UC Berkeley had originally planned to detract from Milo’s appearance. Brokenhearted students bravely dove into the war zone to acquire material for UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens. Here are some of the best:


ASUC Amazon Package Pickup Location:

The main concern for UC Berkeley students was not safety but the ASUC Amazon located in MLK who’s windows were smashed in the protest. 


16299183_1365659333484739_9220291704800866198_n       16388114_1333347590044842_4704887910701947187_n




The people who were being violent were not students (featuring crazy white people):

Anarchists: Making Berkeley fun since they started burning down everything!





Those who were confused by the whole ordeal or were EECS so they were inside studying anyway:


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.23.48 AM


After UCPD issued a shelter in place for students but we wanted to see what the hell was going on:



Referencing Dirks and his history with public funds:



Probably made by the people who were yelling “It’s Lit!!!” last night:

16406920_1514697841890880_8780577282602688866_n 16425725_1748142568834369_6207830282673875008_n


And finally, what it looked like to other people:



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