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Shocking! Berkeley Student Misses The Heat

Due to the recent record high temperatures at Berkeley, many students are in disarray, as they are now experiencing cold weather.

“I cannot deal with these extremes. Why must weather become polarized on both sides of the spectrum? It’s either 104 degrees or it’s 60 degrees? WHY?” stated sophomore, political science major, Jacob Hansen.

Furthermore, Junior Media Studies Major, Jocelyn Ruiz told The Black Sheep, “I am so mad that I can’t go to the pool this week. I  already emailed my professor telling him I was going be sick on Friday, but now that it’s 65 degrees, I might as well go to class.”

Not only is the weather affecting activities that students choose to participate in, but it has also taken a toll on student’s wardrobes and ability to dress according to the weather.

“I had my mom ship me all my Patagonia board shorts and Cubbies, oh, and that one Vineyard Vines tank top, and now I can’t wear any of it! Also, our foam party for game day is going to suck. We’ve dealt with things that were super hot, like fires, but honestly, this is not cool. Thanks a lot, weather,” whimpered Sigma Chi brother Conner Robbins.   

“Oh, and our frat dog, he died of a heat stroke yesterday. So now I can’t walk him anymore. I guess I can kiss my chances of getting a girlfriend goodbye,” continued Conner.

Many students have continuously complained about the cold weather, gloomy sky, and the thought of rain. Students have even been heard saying that they miss the heat.

“95-degree weather sounds like paradise, I would do anything to go back to the weekend. Seriously, I’ve been playing the sounds of waves on repeat and staring at my light bulb to make it seem like it’s summer again,” reminisced Senior Peace and Conflict Studies major, Annika Morgans.

Well, it seems like students cannot make up their minds about what type of weather they want. It’s almost like they moved to California and expected solidified seasons. That’s what the East Coast is for.

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