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Top 10 Icebreaker Games To Get To Know Your New Roommate

With the second summer session starting up, many Bears are moving in to new living arrangements and away from creature comforts such as not having to wear shoes in the shower. Now that you’re out of suburbia and back in Berk, here’s a list of fun and cool ways to get to know your new roomies!

10.) Guess the credit card PIN:
This is a timeless classic. Enter as many four-digit combinations as you can until your fingers physically harden and callouses form. Good guessing methods include your roommates house addresses, dates of birth, and the day that they converted to Christianity.

9.) F*ck, Marry, Kill using mutual friends:
Go through one another’s Facebook friends list and play a rousing game of “Kill, F*ck Marry” using only your mutual friends. It’s conflict-free and inoffensive unless you’re including former or current close friends, teammates, bosses or family members!

8.) Guess the GPA:
Does your roommate seem dumb? Guess their GPA for a pleasant surprise or validation that anyone dumb enough to waste money on dryer sheets hasn’t cracked a 2.3.

7.) Masochistic chore chart:
Make a chore chart that completely frees you of actual chores and burden your roommates with things like taking out the trash and sorting food waste, while you get to water the plants once a week or something. This will really test their loyalty and patience!

6.) Chili cook-off:
Every good friend has a favorite chili recipe. Have a chili cook-off and create a stipulation that the loser has the sub-pair chili poured over their bed in the middle of the night, scalding them.

5.) Shack shirt show-and-tell:
Do you really know a brother? Explain all your accumulated shirts from one-night stands you’ve had throughout your scholastic career. Bonus points for visual aids, fraternity or sorority composites are known to work well here!

4.) Explain the stain:
This is a great idea after shack shirt show-n-tell! Explain each stain on your clothing articles so your roommates know how gross and messy you are.

3.) Two truths and a transcript:
Like two truths and a lie, but instead you show a transcript that may or may not be yours. If they guess the transcript as being a lie and it ends up being your own, you get to destroy the copies of your roommate’s transcripts!

2.) STD-themed “Never Have I Ever”:
Everyone’s gotten a little chlamydia, but have you gotten Trichomoniasis? Show off your stuff in this fun game. Loser has to buy contraceptives for everyone, so bring your A game to this one!

1.) Guess the food waste odor:
Chances are you’re an insolent citizen who produces excess food waste, so have your roommates guess the odors of your old food waste so they get to know your dietary habits. Whoever guesses the stench correctly wins an exemption of trash duty for the rest of the lease!

With these 10 icebreakers, you’ll get to know your roommates better than you ever could have anticipated. And hey, you might even get free chili!

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